IES Recognizes Lighting Designers

by | Jun 19, 2020 | Awards, News

IES recently released their 2020 award recipients and the lighting design community was well represented. Although the conference won’t be held in person this year, it will be held virtually August 24th – August 28th and August 31st – September 4th.  We are not sure if there will be a virtual award ceremony, so here is the information we received from the IES.

The  is presented in recognition of continuous dedicated service to the Society, principally of a non-technical nature, having significantly furthered the purpose for which the Society was founded, and continued over a number of years in various programs and activities at, typically, regional and international levels.

Leslie North, Principal of Aurora Lighting Design.   Citation: Leslie’s contribution to the IES extends far beyond the typical offices held, committees served, and documents published. Her greatest accomplishment is in the less tangible role of impacting other IES members. Leslie’s encouragement, mentoring and occasional insistence that others share their own skills and talents with the Society over the last 35 years is her greatest IES legacy.

Peter Petersen, Lighting Designer and Energy Efficiency Consultant.   Citation: Peter’s involvement has been indispensable for the continuity of the IES Mexico City Section since 1997. His service during these years has facilitated and impacted the industry recognition of the IES brand as The Lighting Authority in Mexico, and his leadership and commitment with the Society´s activities have been crucial towards furthering development and continuity of the Section, having served in almost all the positions leveraging his leadership and commitment to furthering its development.

Paula Ziegenbein, Senior Project Manager, Hartranft Lighting Design, LLC.    Citation: Paula has applied her vast technical knowledge and lighting industry experience toward the advancement and betterment of the Society for 32 years. Her dedication to the IES has been consistent since joining, rising above simply sharing expertise, to providing leadership and vision to benefit current and future members.

Chip Israel, CEO and Founder, Lighting Design Alliance.   Citation: “Just Ask.” These two simple words embody the essence of service provided by Chip throughout his more than 25 years of dedicated service to the IES that includes: support for the Emerging Professional (EP) Program, student scholarships and university presentations, the IES Roadshow, and engagement as a liaison with the IALD.

Congratulations to these lighting designers for their contributions to the Society and to our industry.