Moonlighting 6 – an Exhibition of the After-Hours Pursuits of Lighting Professionals

by | Dec 21, 2020 | News

Moonlighting 2020 Transitioned on to the Web with an Exhibition of the After-Hours Artistic Pursuits of Over Thirty Members of the New York City Lighting Community 

Moonlighting Now Has a Dedicated Website that Showcases Every Moonlighting Exhibition from 2015 to 2020

Now in its sixth consecutive year, Moonlighting 2020, an event produced by members of the IESNYC, DLFNY, and IALDNY, transitioned to the web with an online exhibition of the after-hours artistic pursuits – photography, watercolors, pastels, installations, sculpture, videos, and music – of over 30 members of the New York City lighting community.

In the past, Moonlighting was held as a live event and has become one of the highlights of the New York City lighting community calendar, but this year, due to COVID-19, it was decided to hold the event and exhibition virtually on November 11, 2020. Via Instagram, event organizers – Amanda Arikol (IALDNY), Francesca Bastianini (DLFNY),  Ketryna Fares (IALDNY), and Nathalie Faubert (IESNYC) – introduced this year’s event and debuted the new Moonlighting Website.

“Since we decided to hold a virtual exhibition this year, it made sense to create an online home for Moonlighting that would contain all of the works of fine and performance works of art since our first event held in 2015,” says Randy Sabedra (IESNYC) one of the event’s producers. “What used to line the walls and fill the rooms of an exhibition space, can now be experienced online and  it’s still the best way we know for the community to not only celebrate itself, but the talents of our individual members.”

This year, many of the Moonlighting 2020 items were auctioned at the combined IESNYC, DLFNY, IALDNY holiday party held on December 9, giving Moonlighting artists more exposure for a worthy cause.

Moonlighting is the brainchild of lighting designer Nathalie Faubert, who floated the idea for Moonlighting for years and her dream became a reality when Moonlighting received support from New York City’s three lighting organizations – IESNYC, DLFNY, and IALDNY in 2015.

The Moonlighting “Committee” consists of members representing the three New York City professional lighting organizations – IESNYC, DLFNY, and IALDNY.

Moonlighting 6 Committee
(l to r) Joseph Belfer (IESNYC) Cerebus Consulting; Randy Sabedra (IESNYC) RS Lighting Design; Francesca Bastianini (DLFNY) Sighte Studio; Nathalie Faubert, (IESNYC) CBBLD; Ketryna Fares (IALD NY) HLB Lighting Design; Amanda Arikol (IALD NY) Tillotson Design Associates. Not pictured: Anna Kim (IESNYC) Enterprise Lighting Sales

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