Mandalay Bay Ballroom Shines Anew with Sustainable Lighting and Wireless Controls

by | Jan 25, 2021 | News

Santa Clara, January 25, 2021 Mandalay Bay Casino realized an 80% energy savings while achieving three times higher light levels by converting to Filamento’s VALTO high bay retrofit lamps with Avi-on Labs smart controls.

Roth Lighting, in affiliation with Filamento and Avi-on Labs, completed a lighting and controls retrofit of the Mandalay Bay Casino Ballroom, a 2.1 million squares feet of meeting and exhibit space. The Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, is the fifth largest convention center in North America.

Retrofitting or building out a new convention space like Mandalay Bay Ballroom presents several considerations and challenges for property managers and resort operations:

  • The primary objectives for this project were to improve light quality, lower costs, and give users customizable lighting control options – all without the need to invest in any ceiling reconfiguration or gateways. The original illumination consisted of approximately one thousand 400W HID recessed lights that were energy hogs.
  • Secondly, the HID’s rapid lumen deterioration turned the light to various dim shades of green and blue in a relatively short period of time, thereby necessitating constant bulb turnovers. HID bulbs emit greater heat, and when they are dropped to the ground, they would burn the carpet and scatter glass everywhere, as well as creating a hazard with the mercury content. Revenues were lost during these frequent maintenance periods.
  • Finally, clients and their guests had no switch control over the old HID lights. Roth Lighting was asked to present solutions.

“Over the years Roth Lighting and Mandalay (MGM Resorts International) have had a relationship based on trust and communication,” said Zac Tschillard of Roth Lighting. “We listened to the challenges presented by Mandalay and presented an effective solution using Filamento’s VALTO high bay LED light source integrated with Avi-on Bluetooth® Lighting Controls.”

“We recommended the VALTO by Filamento for several reasons.” said Tschillard, “The light sources are low maintenance, upgradeable, 15,000 to 20,000 lumens, with no glare. Additionally, this lightweight fixture is factory integrated with the Avi-on control solution. The combination of the direct screw-in high efficiency lamp, the wireless lighting controls, and the ease of installation, all contributed to the success of the project.”

The no-glare feature of the VALTO LED high bay offers an intangible benefit that results in a welcoming and comfortable feeling when entering the space. Without the no-glare feature, there is unperceived eyestrain and fatigue.

The Avi-on Controls allow every client of the Mandalay Bayside Ballroom’s meeting rooms to customize the lighting level in their individual area with a wireless controller during their event. The area can range from a small zone of ten square feet to the entire ballroom. Dimming and scheduling can be controlled on every fixture.

Another benefit of Avi-on Controls is their easy integration with OEM light fixtures. The Filamento’s VALTO light source was a perfect solution for the Mandalay Ballroom. This highly versatile high bay fixture is simultaneously ballast compatible (Type A) and line voltage 100-277 VAC compatible (Type B). The driver is compatible with any magnetic ballast worldwide including metal halide, high pressure sodium, mercury vapor, pulse start, probe start, CWA and reactive. The patented heatsink enables ultralight weight while achieving 40% higher thermal efficiency.

The Mandalay continues to see overall improvements in energy management and overall savings. The VALTO high bay LED lights provided a low-cost controllable retrofit using only 105W, saving 353W of energy per fixture resulting in reduced energy consumption of over 80%, three times higher light levels, and locally managed lighting controls.

Although the conventions business in 2020 was challenging due to the pandemic, the Mandalay Bay Ballroom is poised to offer multiple lighting and control features to its clientele once conventions resume.

About Filamento:
Filamento was founded in 2014 in the heart of Silicon Valley by Frank Shum. Frank’s forward-thinking, relentless pursuit for improvement and uncompromising drive to innovate is what has set Filamento apart. Filamento focuses on providing no compromise quality of light solution in a circular economy. The featherweight, modular VALTO product line of high bay/low bay light source with integrated control is designed from the ground up utilizing the latest technologies, winning six patents internationally. Since market introduction, VALTO products have received international recognition by various magazines and organizations including Edison Report’s Top 10 best products 2017.

About Avi-on Labs:
Avi-on’s innovations in Bluetooth® Lighting Controls provide the industry with solutions that are easy to use, gateway free, and highly secure. The distributed wireless mesh architecture provides benefits for commercial and industrial retrofit projects. When combined with our array of motion sensors, wall stations, and building control interfaces, Avi-on offers a complete solution that maximizes both rebates and renovation budgets. Avi-on meets the most demanding codes for advanced lighting controls including UL 1376 Platinum Level Cyber Security, DLC 5.0, California Title 24, ASHRAE 90.1, and IECC 2015.

About Roth Lighting:
Roth Lighting is a representative for over 60 lighting manufacturers and specializes in energy efficient lighting and lighting controls for the commercial, industrial, and hospitality markets throughout Southern Nevada and Western Arizona.