UL Verified Healthy Buildings

by | May 5, 2021 | News

UL has services for indoor environment testing and verification to determine if a building’s design contributes to the health and wellness of occupants. Among these certifications is the “Verified Healthy Building for Indoor Environment: Air, Water, Hygiene, Light and Acoustics” mark. It is not surprising to see that lighting was included as criteria that is assessed by UL for human wellness. In recent years, research has made evaluating the effects lighting has on human beings. Lighting affects things like the human circadian rhythm, mood, and productivity, to name a few. Now that UL has introduced a standard for healthy lighting practices in buildings that corporate managements can follow, perhaps we will see an increase human-centric lighting design being implemented in new and existing buildings.

More can be found out about UL’s Verified Healthy Buildings Mark here.