USAI LIGHTING Reinvents the Downlight – Again! – with the LittleOnes™

by | Jun 16, 2021 | What's New

(NEW WINDSOR, NY, June 2021)–Award-winning LED lighting manufacturer USAI Lighting brings new meaning to the saying ‘big things come in small packages’ by advancing LED technology into a new era of tiny with the launch of LittleOnes™–a collection of 1” aperture downlights. These miniscule LED products provide unmatched power and flexibility, allowing for homes, offices and public spaces alike to be flooded with light and create a naturally bright, well-lit environment with none of the glare and distracting visual of larger fixtures traditionally required for these light levels. USAI LittleOnes™ are the first complete collection of tiny, barely noticeable, recessed ceiling light fixtures that can deliver over 1000 lumens — more than any traditional source of this scale — while maintaining architectural standards, consistency, reliability, and serviceability from below.

“We are very proud to have catapulted the industry to new limits with the engineering breakthrough that is the LittleOnes,” said Bonnie Littman, president and CEO of USAI Lighting. It is now possible to beautifully and evenly light any room with the nearly invisible, tiny and powerful LittleOnes. Imagine that a LittleOnes light fixture approximately the size of a quarter is replacing light fixtures up to 6” in diameter which are still being used today – and delivering the same amount or more light. That’s exciting!  At USAI we are always pushing to make the impossible possible.”

The LittleOnes™ is a complete, full family offering of light fixtures, all with apertures of less than one inch – including fixed downlights, adjustable accents, and wall washers – and all family members feature superior optical design with smooth distribution, excellent uniformity, best in class glare control. The fact that some of these products are capable of providing over one thousand lumens makes them competitive with performance and power levels previously only available through much larger fixtures – which can be distracting, unsightly, and require extensive renovation and construction expense to install. The LittleOnes collection provides a complete toolbox for interior designers, architects, and architectural lighting specifiers that meets the requirements for nearly any project:

  • Complete coverage wall wash – uniform vertical light from ceiling to floor, achieved through USAI’s patented 5-part optical system
  • Smooth, flicker-free dimming down 0.1% for mood and ambiance
  • Adjustable, aimable spot lighting to highlight art and architectural features
  • Square and round aperture shapes to suit aesthetic preferences
  • Trimmed, trimless, and millwork trim styles to work with any ceiling material
  • Excellent optical design for smooth beams from narrow to wide, to eliminate scalloping, shadows and backlight
  • Ability to beautifully illuminate large scale spaces with ceiling heights up to 14’, achieving high light levels with standard fixture placement and spacing
  • Sets the industry standard for visual comfort with off-the-charts glare control
  • Easy installation with remote drivers providing options for two or four fixtures per driver for greater power and distribution efficiency

The LittleOnes™ makes it easier than ever to choose top quality lighting systems with a minimalist aesthetic for all spaces — commercial, hospitality, healthcare, residential and more — all with the remarkable ability and ease of servicing from below. The collection begins shipping in July, and pricing starts at under $100/ fixture. Four fixtures light a 100 square-foot space. To learn more about this collection and other new products, visit

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Building on a rich heritage in lighting that dates back to the 1930s, USAI Lighting is an industry leader in manufacturing sophisticated LED fixtures. USAI Lighting has received numerous patents for its proprietary and unique electrical and mechanical product technologies. The company takes pride in developing its sources as well as its fixtures—not only the light engines, but also the optics and thermal management, and in ensuring dimming system compatibility through rigorous engineering testing and product development. Each new product the company introduces to the architectural lighting market pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in LED research & development, a forward-thinking approach that has resulted in a stream of industry firsts and awards. For additional information, visit

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