Creative Futures Grant: Call for Applicants

by | Jul 13, 2021 | News

The Black Artists and Designers Guild (BADG) have announced the Creative Futures Grant. The Creative Futures Grant gives four special Black applicants $5,000 in order to bring their art and design dreams closer to reality. Applicants must be students of Architecture, Design and Fine Art. Many Black designers’ work have been overlooked throughout history, so the Creative Futures Grant gives Black students the opportunity to bring a vision to light that may not be supported in their academic institutions. The Creative Futures Grant also incentivizes students to experience the process of a professional project- from ideation and research to completion. Creativity and thinking outside the box are essential, and this opportunity will leave a footprint on the global story of architecture, arts, and design.  The jury will conduct interviews with selected applicants in early August and winners will be announced in late August.  To learn more, visit the BADG website.