Perfect Timing Makes for a Strong Light + Building

by | Jan 17, 2022 | News

It seems as if management at Light + Building is not very interested in the US Lighting Design community.   As this audience knows, Light + Building 2022 originally scheduled their show in March—in the middle of LEDucation, making it difficult for anyone to attempt to participate in both shows.

Because of COVID-19, Light + Building postponed their show until October.  However, the dates they chose, 2-6 OCT backs up directly to the IALD Enlighten Americas Conference in Palm Springs which is scheduled for 29 SEP thru 1 OCT.   LEDucation, LightFair and Enlighten Americas are three of the most important in-person conferences that designers will attend in 2022. Unfortunately, with travel, L+B will overlap IALD Enlighten Americas Conference by a day.  It would be nice to have a small break between the two events, but in fairness the US lighting designer is just one constituency that L+B has to try to accommodate.

The good news is that Lufthansa offers a direct flight from LAX to FRA that departs at 6:40 pm on October 1st and arrives in Frankfurt at 2:15 pm on the 2nd for $1,140. If you are willing to have a 2 hour layover in Toronto, you can depart 12:15 pm and arrive the following day at 12:45 pm for nearly half the cost, at $561.

Lighting designers worldwide regularly attend L+B.   On my own visits, I spend a few hours each day, for three or four days walking the show with designers who explain the importance of the new technologies being introduced.  L+B has a huge influence worldwide, and a successful L+B  is in all of our best interests.

On 28 NOV, EdisonReport published an article, “Is Light + Building at Risk” and the article lists several big exhibitors who were not registered:  Signify, ERCO, Zumtobel, iGuzzinni, LEDVANCE, FLOS, Louis Poulsen, and Xicato.  As of this writing, only LEDVANCE shows on the current list of exhibitors.   The article was written before the Omicron variant of COVID-19 became such a problem, so it is unlikely that COVID-19 was the primary reason for these big names to be sitting out. We have spoken to a few of those companies, and it is unlikely they will exhibit in October.

The US needs a strong show–and we currently have two with LightFair and LEDucation.  The world, however, needs a strong show as well.  If Light + Building falters, that leaves Hong Kong Lighting Fair, which has been popular for US manufacturers but not for designers.  Additionally, given China’s recent behavior with Hong Kong’s independence, the Uyghurs and threats to Taiwan, I personally hope my travel to Hong Kong and China is behind me.

We need a strong Light + Building.  Let’s hope the 2024 dates are more accommodating for not only manufacturers and exhibitors but for designers as well.