AIA Elevates 88 Members and Two International Architects to the College of Fellows

by | Feb 28, 2022 | News

AIA elevates 88 members

AIA fellowship recognizes significant contributions to the profession of architecture and society.

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) is elevating 88 member-architects to its College of Fellows, an honor awarded to members who have made significant contributions to the architecture profession.

The fellowship program was developed to elevate architects who have achieved a standard of excellence in the profession and made a significant contribution to architecture and society on a national level. Prospective candidates must have at least 10 years of AIA membership and demonstrated influence in at least one of the following areas:

  •  Elevated the aesthetic, scientific, and practical efficiency of the profession;
  • Promoted the science and art of planning and building by advancing the standards of architectural education, training or practice;
  • Coordinated the building industry and the profession of architecture through leadership in the AIA or other related professional organizations; or
  • Advanced the living standards of people through an improved environment.

Fellows are selected by a seven-member Jury of Fellows. This year’s jury included Chair Steven Spurlock, FAIA, Quinn Evans Architects; Rainy Hamilton Jr., FAIA, Hamilton Anderson Associates; Lisa Lamkin, FAIA, Brown Reynolds Watford Architects, Inc.; Rebecca Lewis, FAIA, DSGW Architects; RK Stewart, FAIA, RK Stewart Consultants; Allison Williams, FAIA, AGWms_studio and Anna Wu, FAIA, University of North Carolina.

The newly elevated members and their AIA component affiliations are listed below. For complete details and images, visit the fellows directory.

Michelle Mongeon Allen  AIA Minnesota

Ricardo A. Alvarez-Diaz  AIA Puerto Rico

Kjell M. Anderson  AIA Washington Council

Alicia M. Belton  AIA Minnesota

Glen E. Berry  AIA Idaho

John P. Blood  AIA Texas Society of Architects

Victor F. Body- Lawson  AIA New York State

Carla Bonacci  AIA New Jersey

Jason D. Boyer  AIA Arizona

Craig D. Brandt  AIA Illinois

Yanitza Brongers-Marrero  AIA Ohio

Sarah M. Broughton  AIA Colorado

Peter H. Brown  AIA Minnesota

Lori A. Brown  AIA New York State

Patrick J. Burke  AIA New Jersey

Robert Busch  AIA Ohio

Hans E. Butzer  AIA Oklahoma

Margaret M. Carney  AIA New York State

Michael T. Cetera  AIA New York State

Abigail L. Clary  AIA Illinois

Jonathan J. Cohn  AIA New York State

Peter D. Cook  AIA Washington D.C.

David T. Darling  AIA California

Paul M. Dennehy  AIA Texas Society of Architects

Ursula E. Emery Mc Clure  AIA Louisiana

Marc W. Fairbrother  AIA Washington D.C.

David J. Frey  AIA California

Douglas J. Gallow Jr.  AIA Ohio

Gregory R. Gidez  AIA Colorado

Amy E. Gilbertson  AIA Missouri

Kurt W. Haapala  AIA Oregon

Jeffrey J. Hausman  AIA Michigan

D. Michael Hellinghausen  AIA Texas Society of Architects

Milton E. Hime  AIA Texas Society of Architects

Anne Holford-Smith  AIA New York State

Kathryn L. Horne  AIA North Carolina

Eric Howeler  AIA Massachusetts

Keelan P. Kaiser  AIA California

Nathan F. Knutson  AIA Minnesota

Steven A. Kordalski  AIA Ohio

Angela Lee  Unassigned

Roger K. Leib  AIA California

Britt Lindberg  AIA California

Gregory A. Luhan  AIA Kentucky

Kenneth H. Luker  AIA North Carolina

Paul L. Macheske  AIA Florida

Kevin B. Miller  AIA Utah

Kiel K. Moe  AIA Vermont

Dorian A. Moore  AIA Michigan

William S. Mullane  AIA Texas Society of Architects

Robert M. Noblett  AIA Massachusetts

Sam E. Nunes  AIA California

Stephen C. Pickard  AIA Texas Society of Architects

Anthony C. Poon  AIA California

Steven H. Rajninger  AIA California

Robin R. Randall  AIA Illinois

Ignacio J. Reyes  AIA Florida

Eric M. Roberts  AIA Nevada

J. Lee Rofkind  AIA International Chapters and US Territories

Daniel K. Rothschild  AIA Pennsylvania

Michael T. Roush  AIA California

Mark J. Ryan  AIA Arizona

Mark Schendel  AIA Illinois

Joanna Schmickel  AIA Washington D.C.

Lawrence J. Schnuck  AIA Wisconsin

Steven C. Schultz  AIA Texas Society of Architects

Theresa Sheils  AIA Washington D.C.

Keith A. Simon  AIA Texas Society of Architects

Julie M. Skolnicki  AIA Washington D.C.

Charles T. Smith  AIA Illinois

Stephen A. Smith  AIA Missouri

Michael J. Smith  AIA California

Randy M. Sovich  AIA Maryland

Ron M. Stelmarski  AIA Texas Society of Architects

Tod R. Stevens  AIA Michigan

Winifred A. Stopps  AIA Massachusetts

Mark E. Trier  AIA Kentucky

Jodi L. van der Wiel  AIA Ohio

Tania L. Van Herle  AIA California

Randall C. Vaughn  AIA Kentucky

Benjamin Waechter  AIA Oregon

Alexander B. White  AIA Indiana

Sarah J. Woodhead  AIA Washington D.C.

James W. Woolum  AIA California

Kimberly K. Yao  AIA New York State

Albert F. Zaccone  AIA New Jersey

Stas Zakrzewski  AIA New York State

Willy L. Zambrano  AIA New York State

The AIA Honorary Fellowship program honors international architects for their exceptional work and contributions to architecture and society on an international level. Two honorary fellows are being elevated this year by the 2022 Jury of Honorary Fellows. This year’s honorary fellows are:

Waro  Kishi      Japan

Laurent J. Duport      France

AIA Honorary Fellows are selected by a nine-member Jury of Fellows and Honorary Fellows. This year’s jury included Chair Jane Duncan, Hon. FAIA, Royal Institute of British Architects; James Atkins, FAIA, Atkins Consulting; Rainy Hamilton Jr., FAIA, Hamilton Anderson Associates; Lisa Lamkin, FAIA, Brown Reynolds Watford Architects, Inc.; Rebecca Lewis, FAIA, DSGW Architects; Steven Spurlock, FAIA, Quinn Evans Architects; RK Stewart, FAIA, RK Stewart Consultants; Allison Williams, FAIA, AGWms_studio and Anna Wu, FAIA, University of North Carolina.

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