Make Your Building Work for You: How Amerlux Integrates Light, HVAC and Security with One Simple Room Controller

by | Mar 14, 2022 | Portfolio

Dim the light. Hit the blonds. Increase efficiency. Warm and cool a space, a floor, even a building—automatically, without ever asking.

With Amerlux’s newest IoT-powered sensor, your lighting tells your building automation system (BAS) what to do before you even set foot on the scene: Get ready.

The O3 Sensor—manufactured by sister company Delta Controls—wirelessly detects motion, sound, light and temperature with pinpoint accuracy, right down to the surface of a table—all from a single standalone room controller.

Ceiling-mounted to maximize functionality from the best vantage point of a space, the O3 Sensor provides a cost-competitive, one-controller-per-room solution that automates comfort as well as productivity, decluttering walls of switches and thermostats.

Equipped with Sensor Fusion technology and seven different sensors, the O3 utilizes machine learning to create personalized spaces. As a result, you take care of your work—while your room takes care of you.

We know, it’s different.

Lighting used to mean just lighting, independent from other building systems. HVAC did its thing. Lighting and security did another.

Not anymore. Today, everything is connected.

We’re making sure of it—starting with the best in-room controller, the O3 Sensor, winner of the AHR Expo Innovation Award in building automation.

Optimize Your Lighting
Tweak lighting intensity and color temperature based on occupancy, mood or time of day.

Automate Climate Control
Adjust the temperature of a space, right down to the surface of the table.

Cut Your Energy Costs
Reduce heating and cooling expenses by immediately turning off lights and reducing heating and ventilation.

Eliminate ‘Wall Acne’
Remove legacy thermostats and light switches in conversions and renovations with a single, all-encompassing control room hub from above.

Install & Configure Fast
Simplify install with an easy-to-install mounting plate and wirelessly configure right out of the box. No internet required.

Integrate With Any System
Open protocol technology easily integrates the O3 Sensor into existing BAS via BACnet, MQTT, Node-RED, local I/O, PoE and Bluetooth.


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