Taking Sides: The DLFNY Annual “Debate”

by | Mar 14, 2022 | News

Join DLFNY for a fun and educational evening of lively, sometimes absurd debate between members of the New York City lighting design community. Enjoy a verbal joust as the debaters take sides on some of the most pressing topics in the lighting industry, during a light-hearted evening of discussion mixed with humorous provocation and competition.

The topics have been chosen to provoke a dialog, so the opinions expressed by the panel may not be their personal stance, but will surely be interesting to hear.

The confirmed panel members include prominent figures from all aspects of the lighting industry.

The event is hosted by Parsons School of Design and is free and open to all.

Dan Blitzer, The Practical Lighting Workshop LLC

Confirmed participants to date
Shaun Fillion, NYSID, RAB lighting

Jamie Devenger, Q-Tran

Alessa Aguayo, Coronet

Jessica Kaller, Moda Light

Chris Randall, Patricia Electric, Author

Jesse Coletta, Illuminico, The Source

Sascha Flowers, NYSID

Jacquelyn Cacan, Tillotson