Lighting Objects Opens New Web Portal

by | May 10, 2022 | News

May 10, 2022, Tampa Fl, USA: Lighting Objects announced today they have opened a web portal ( featuring many of their unique and/or proprietary lighting products, many of which have never before been showcased in the USA. “It was time” said James Carle, chief cook of Lighting Objects, “many of our proprietary designs have now reached the agreed on time to be made public. We are ecstatic to be able to offer these to any architect or designer to make their ‘space’ transform into their intended design.”

“People have been admiring fixtures from many different brands, and companies that one, the other, or both of us have managed and/or successfully assisted in developing a US presence for,” added Rick Merriman the chief bottlewasher of Lighting Objects. “Now our specifier partners and sales agents will have full access to ALL the special products we have offered in one place.”

Lighting Objects is a designer, manufacturer, and distributor, of architectural, decorative, and custom lighting fixtures. Their products tend to be either very minimal and discreet. “Or they are actively used like pieces in a puzzle to accomplish an architect’s design intent.” Merriman commented. “Those we affectionately call, ‘Lighting Objects,’ and was the inspiration for our company’s name.”

The company’s founders have deep relationships and experience with many of the most recognized names in the American lighting community, both on the manufacturing and the design side. Those relationships often dates back over 35 years. They have worked for, or provided consultions to prominent lighting companies such as: Delta Light, Pousen, SLV, Venture Lighting, 3E, The Eran Group, Altitude, TAL, Studio Italia Design.

“The common thread,” Carle said, “is… design.” He then continued, “And more importantly, good design.”

“Our main focus is the the specifiers’ design intent, not our need to push this, that, or the other lighting product,” Merriman added, “Over the years, we have made the money we need in lighting… so now? So now, we do not take ourselves too seriously. It is all about enjoying lighting, our wonderful design community, and helping others find the very specific lighting fixtures that makes them and their space shine.”

About Lighting Objects:

Lighting Objects is a multi-national designer, manufacturer, and distributor of unique lighting products with operations in India, China, Belgium, France and headquartered in Tampa Florida, with two additional facilities in Atlanta and Las Vegas in the USA.