Effect of Global Supply Chain Woes Minimized at Saylite Thanks to Company’s Sweeping Transformation

by | May 26, 2022 | News

CARROLLTON, TX – U.S.-based commercial lighting manufacturer Saylite is nearing completion of a full-scale transformation intended to help architects, construction engineers, contractors, and distributors more readily, reliably, and economically obtain the commercial lighting products they need despite worldwide supply chain disruptions.

Saylite’s transformation includes upgraded manufacturing processes, a new line of products, and an extensively revamped website. Owing to these not-yet-finalized changes, the company said it is in a significantly stronger position to ensure timely deliveries of customer purchases.

“We’re now able to fulfill orders faster and to better hold the line on costs,” said Operations Director Roberto Acosta. “Additionally, we’ve become much more agile in the face of changing market conditions, such as we’re seeing now with the supply chain crisis.” Saylite adopted as part of the transformation a 5S Lean Manufacturing Methodology geared to ending wasteful and inefficient practices while also increasing factory-wide health and safety. “Our lead-times for specific products are now as little as three business days,” he noted. “Also, we’re on-time with over 90 percent our deliveries—up 20 percentage points and appreciably faster than the current industry average.”

Other process improvements made by Saylite include greater reliance on local sourcing of parts (to counteract supply chain constraints), formation of Kaizen Project-inspired continuous-improvement teams, and new systems to minimize the risk of goods sustaining damage during shipment

As for products, the company will continue to manufacture and sell its core wares— LED high bays and strips, linear lines of light, and other lighting systems employing LED T8 lamps. To this mix, Saylite recently introduced Architectural Flair, a line of high-design yet value-priced architectural lighting products for “adding flair to virtually any project.” The company’s extensively revamped website, meanwhile, now serves as a comprehensive, seamlessly integrated, and highly authoritative information center. “Everything customers need is there—fully searchable product catalog, buyer guides, spec sheets, and more” Acosta said.

Saylite customers will find the company’s transformation particularly beneficial in light of the sourcing and procurement challenges encountered with other commercial lighting manufacturers. “Our transformation as a company is a genuine bright spot amid these darkly turbulent times,” he said. “We and our customers will as a result be able to hang on and do well as the supply chain crisis unfolds.”