Join Designers Mind for “Rest as Work’s Partner” Event

by | May 27, 2022 | News

Join Designers Mind for its latest online event where they exploring the impact of prioritizing rest and incorporating more breaks throughout the day for our wellbeing and work.

‘Rest as Work’s Partner’
31st May
1pm-1:45pm BST

Dive into:

  • The impact not taking breaks can have on our mental and physical health.
  • How rest is linked to our levels of focus, creativity, productivity and decision making abilities.
  • The importance of listening to your body & mind’s needs, knowing your energy levels and building self-awareness around when you need to take a break.
  • Learning to set boundaries with yourself and others.
  • Strategies to build more rest into your days.


  • Kaye Preston – Founder of Designers Mind, Interior Designer, WELL AP & Holistic Health Coach
  • Kael Gillam – Lighting Designer, Contributing Member of Designers Mind

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