WILD Introduces Lamplighter Coalition

by | Jun 15, 2022 | News

Women in Lighting + Design introduces the Lamplighter Coalition, a growing program that aims to create awareness around sexual harassment and its prevalent nature in professional culture, and provide tools and resources to help lighting industry members stop, repudiate, and prevent sexual harassment in social and professional environments.

The Lamplighter Coalition will debut at the WILD Networking Event June 22nd, 5pm at LightFair in Las Vegas. They will be crafting beaded keychains and jewelry, accompanied with WILD charms in their signature color, teal. Break up your day with this brief yet relaxing activity and get to know some of the volunteers, or just drop by for a quick hello and grab a readily available bracelet or keychain.

Learn more about the Coalition – why they chose the name, what the next plans are, and how you can help or find services on their website.