Introducing Akūt : Modern, Modifiable Architectural Lighting from UltraLights

by | Jul 6, 2022 | What's New

Akūt sconces strike a discerning balance between modern lines and decorative detail. The aesthetic begins with clean, geometric silhouettes. The possibilities expand with options in translucence and two new custom-perforated designs, exclusive to Akūt. The result is a versatile, modifiable collection that can enhance all types of architectural styles, indoors and out.

Manufactured in America and built to order, the Akūt collection elevates a broad range of hotel, restaurant, and residential design styles.

Akūt 22482-20 (Black) Available in 2 sizes.  With a name which pays homage to the geometric simplicity that inspires the collection, Akūt offers elegantly understated indirect lighting options.

Akūt 22493 (New Brass) The Akūt collection of wall sconces introduces two exclusive new custom-perforated designs, both of which provide beautiful texture. Chai perforation shown here.

Akūt 22492 (Black) Paris, the second exclusive perforation design, shown here. These sleek, elongated fixtures cast an elegant, ambient glow.  Akūt sconces add a beautiful touch, indoors or out.

Akūt 22503-16 (New Brass) Akūt fixtures with acrylic diffusers omited cast dramatic patterned light. The Akūt collection offers diffuserless fixtures featuring both new perforated patterns.

Akūt 22490 (Satin Pewter) This LED wall sconce casts a dramatic down-light that contrasts beautifully with its shadow. An elementally understated addition to indoor or outdoor spaces.

Akūt 22501 (Black) Akūt includes ADA-rated options with low-profile silhouettes and a high-impact visual aesthetic.

Akūt 22496 (New Brass)  With modern lines and a hint of art deco style, the Akūt collection elevates a broad range of architectural styles.

Akūt from UltraLights. Thoughtful design, from any angle.

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