WILD: A LightFair Recap

by | Jul 20, 2022 | News

From Women in Lighting + Design:

Thank you to our amazing speakers Lois Hutchinson, Lauren Dandridge, Jill Cody, and Colleen Peach for an outstanding conversation on bringing diversity into the lighting industry pipeline. We are thrilled to see such an active and successful partnership between WILD, IES, and IALD in LA (and all the programs and colleges they are working with) taking shape through the LA Speakers Bureau and we hope to see many more such collaborations start up around the country. Please reach out to WILD if you want to be out in contact with any of these amazing women with more questions.

We had a smashing time at our networking event! It was great to see everyone and to kick-off the Lamplighter Coalition together!

Our Lamplighter committee leader, Elizabeth Williams, spoke at LightFair:

The Lamplighter Coalition’s mission is to provide tools and resources to help stop and prevent sexual harassment and assault, and raise awareness of its pervasiveness in the Lighting Industry. This is a growing program and we have a lot of content in the works. There will be opportunities to get involved in different ways. You can learn more about our current efforts here.

We are working on bystander training, and opportunities for folks to share their stories, anonymously if they choose. Ultimately, we want to create a network of support, where we all feel empowered to be there for each other. If you’d like to volunteer with us please know that your boundaries and comfort level with these topics will always be respected.

For our debut we wanted to give folks an opportunity to take a break from the bustle of LightFair, and perhaps, talk about their experiences in a chill, creative space. Today, together, we’re taking a step, towards putting an end to sexual harassment and assault in our industry. By taking a charm with a “W” charm in Lamplighter teal, you are saying that you believe in this movement, and in our mission. I hope you wear it with pride.

Thank you so much to WILD Leadership and all of the volunteers, for bringing together this amazing group of professionals, for inspiring change, and giving me the opportunity to do what I love. If you want to learn more, come talk to us!