The World’s Smartest Campus: University of Birmingham

by | Sep 6, 2022 | News

Accelerating the Transition to Net Zero with Enlighted IoT Sensors

With the demand for sustainable practices growing, higher-education institutions are searching for innovative ways of financing, reducing carbon emissions, and improving the user experience. In setting out the ambition to be net zero by 2035, the University of Birmingham is bringing the space of education into the new age with Enlighted’s innovative IoT technology.

To become the world’s smartest campus and first living lab, the University has established a global partnership with Siemens to tackle digital transformation and integration of university infrastructure with IoT.

Project highlights include:

  • The installation of 23,000 Enlighted IoT sensors across the University’s UK and Dubai campuses
  • New emerging PhD and educational opportunities created from energy consumption and space utilization data gathered from the Enlighted sensors
  • Becoming a model for other universities to follow after being the first school in the world to roll out IoT technology at scale to lower carbon emissions

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