Dallas Market Center Launches New Lighting Concierge Service

by | Sep 16, 2022 | News

Although your humble editor is still learning the showroom model, I am aware that showrooms are open only a few times each year.  Lighting companies, such as SATCO/NUVO, will have a permanent showroom in the Dallas Market Center and will staff those showrooms with personnel during major shows such as the ArchLIGHT Summit, Lightovation and a few others.  In addition, the manufacturer will utilize the showroom for private events.

What if a lighting designer is flying into the city to look at lighting and there is no show? She typically would not have access.  This is where the DMC’s new concierge plan comes in. That designer could visit specific showrooms so long as those showrooms are part of the concierge program.

Your humble editor met with the concierge, Arturo Maluy. Arturo’s desk is smartly located at the front door of the Trademart building.  Arturo has over 20 years of experience in lighting and his job is to know the companies and their products.  Arturo explained, “The Lighting Concierge is a complimentary, personal service to inspire, guide, and provide access to the latest in lighting.”

Arturo said that he will take a designer through 3 or 4 showrooms and then send a report to each of the manufacturers explaining the client’s interest. In addition to providing access to showrooms year-round, Arturo can help with project planning assistance and provide a sneak peek at new products.

Allowing the manufacturers to showcase their product year-round—without having to provide internal staff—makes the showroom model even more compelling.