A TCP Innovation Delivers Improved New UltimaT8 Tubes with Emergency Backup

by | Sep 20, 2022 | What's New

Aurora, Ohio – Sept 20, 2022 – Technical Consumer Products, Inc. (TCP) – the industry leader in innovation for commercial and residential LED lighting – is today announcing an improved line of UltimaT8 Tubes, featuring enhanced technology to help in emergency situations.

Without a backup generator, places like hospitals, nursing homes and apartment buildings are left in the dark during a power outage. TCP’s innovative product development team has created a solution.

The newest addition to TCP’s T8 product family is the LED UltimaT8 Tube with Emergency Backup, designed with a self-contained emergency driver that supplies 90 minutes of light. Additionally, the light has a “test” button, enabling anyone to test the emergency capability at any time, ensuring the tube is ready when it is needed most.

This is an optimum time for the arrival of the Emergency Back-up T8 Tube to market due to the increase in power outages.

In 2021, at least 350 million people – more than 4% of the global population – were impacted by major power outages. These energy disruptions were caused by extreme weather events, rolling blackouts caused by fuel shortages and soaring demand.

“The big difference is that the T8 with Integrated Emergency Backup does monthly and yearly self testing, but also has a test button that allows you to conduct a test at any time,” says Nikki Toigo, Marketing Manager at TCP. “We’re seeing very few T8 tubes on the market that offer all the benefits of TCP’s LED UltimaT8 Tube with Emergency Back-up – customer feedback so far has been very positive! They want one tube that can do it all, and this is it.”

TCP’s response to this moment is the result of three decades of lighting industry expertise to meet ever changing lighting demands for performance and energy efficiency.

“Individuals responsible for managing schools, hospitals and care facilities can rest assured knowing their space will be safely lit when the power goes out,” says Toigo. “Facilities like these need lighting that is not only energy efficient, but lighting that adds a layer of safety and security to their spaces as well.”

For offices, restaurants, stores, lobbies, schools and hospitals –TCP’s LED UltimaT8 Tubes with Emergency Backup offer:

  • Over 40% energy savings compared to fluorescent alternative
  • Long life: 50,000 hours
  • Bypass application: 120-277 line voltage
  • Instant on/off
  • Single end wiring
  • Non-flickering
  • UL rated for enclosed fixtures
  • No energy losses due to fluorescent ballast

Learn more about TCP’s LED UltimaT8 tubes with Emergency Backup.

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