Accent on Innovation: Introducing the Accents Series, TCP’s Debut Line of Decorative Lighting

by | Oct 26, 2022 | News, What's New

Aurora, Ohio – October 25, 2022  – Technical Consumer Products, Inc. (TCP) – the industry leader in innovation for commercial and residential LED lighting – is excited to announce the launch of its debut line of decorative lighting, the Accents Series. Innovation has been the hallmark of TCP lighting for over 25 years, and this new line brings that wealth of experience to brilliant life for commercial and residential customers. With effortless functionality and elevated design, the Accents Series marries contemporary style to the highest standards of quality, with a full line of pendant and panel light options for commercial and residential applications.

Accents Pendant Lights

Modern pendant lighting is versatile, practical and useful in nearly any space. From a kitchen island to the master suite to an upscale retail boutique display, pendants offer ambient or task illumination without taking up floor or tabletop space. TCP’s Accents Series offers a world of possibilities for elevating any interior design. Options include:

  • 2 Styles – Mesh pendants feature a finely woven criss-cross pattern of thin metal pieces to create a screen around the bulb that complements contemporary or transitional interiors. Rail style pendants amplify vintage-inspired or industrial-chic aesthetics with thicker metal pieces that are set farther apart, creating a cage-like appearance.
  • Spiral – Choose Round for a more traditional look or Cylinder for an edgier vibe. Spiral Rail pendants amp up the look with a fresh twist on contemporary style.
  • 3 Finishes – Black, Silver and Gold finishes are available to complement a wide range of décor aesthetics.
  • 2 Bulb Types – The LED Lens bulb option is truly unique. This bulb sits flush with the pendant’s base and creates the appearance of a softly glowing globe. The Pillar bulb resembles a retro-chic Edison bulb and is visible when the pendant is lit. Both options feature a standard E26 base that works with most socket types. 

Accents Panels

Flat panel lighting is TCP’s forte. The Accents Series brings these functional favorites of offices and other commercial spaces into a whole new light. Made of high-quality, durable acrylic, Accents Panels instantly transform the look of any room with an artistic lift. These unique lenses are:

  • Easy to install: 2-foot-by-2-foot lenses slip between the luminaire and ceiling T-grid and secure with metal clips.
  • Customizable: Choose from dozens of available designs that range from simple squares and circles to artistic grids and nature-inspired looks. Custom patterns can be created as special orders.
  • Available in flush or pop-out profiles: Upgrade existing flush-mount flat panel fixtures or opt for a pop-out to create additional drama. In new construction, pop-outs can make an eye-catching punctuation to rows of multiple flat panels. Alternating the two can create a sumptuous high-end look.

Learn more about the TCP Accents Series here.

When Will the Accent Series Be Available?

The Accents Series will be made available to contractors, architects, lighting designers, project managers and homeowners in the fourth quarter of 2022. Contact your local TCP rep for details. Additional architectural lighting series are already in the works, so watch for those in the near future. Bring elevated design and superior functionality to any residential or commercial lighting project with TCP’s collection of unique pendant and panel lights.


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