Sabin Quietly Launches in the Acoustic Architectural Lighting Market

by | Dec 1, 2022 | News

Chicago, IL – Sabin, the first company founded as an acoustic lighting company, quietly entered the architectural market in early 2022. The Chicago, Illinois, based company is setting a new standard for acoustic lighting, by developing intuitive solutions to enable the most incredible human interactions.

Co-founded by two industry veterans, Wes Cox and Clay Edwards, Sabin was established with the intent to design and build better acoustic lighting products from the ground up.

“We’re building Sabin with a narrow purpose—to bring our customers the best products at the intersection of lighting and acoustics. We develop systems of broadly useful design elements and offer many geometric primitive forms in a great range of sizes; our products are tools of abstraction. We’re excited to see what folks create. We’ve built our factory in Chicago, our processes, and our team—all around creating these excellent acoustic lighting systems.” said Cox, co-founder and CPO.

Sabin assembled a team of veteran designers and engineers from within the lighting and acoustic industries to develop highly curated solutions. Sabin’s signature sewn construction introduces a new way to develop acoustic lighting products and highlights attention to craft and detail. The products also allow for ultimate design flexibility with distinct material color options, various heights and widths, lumen output options, and beam spreads. Sabin is committed to delivering precision-engineered acoustic lighting solutions.

Sabin launched four products – Block, Linear, Cylinder, and Quad, indicative of their form. These products support specifiers in realizing a bespoke design vision through customization of material colors for exterior, interior, and trim accent, and cord and hardware color options. The full product line utilizes polyester acoustic panel (PET) felt that is SCS recycled content certified and available in 9mm and 1.5mm.

Each product can be specified as individual units or as an array, based on the space requirements. Due to the team’s extensive experience in the architectural industry, Sabin understands the needs of the specifier, streamlining the selection process by introducing a product configuration tool. This Project Planner, even in its beta phase, enables specifiers to easily customize their product selection by configuring fixture color, cord color, dimensions, hardware, and more.

Sabin is setting a new standard — elevating acoustic luminaire solutions with meticulous engineering and design while reducing noise and delivering optimal illumination.

About Sabin

Sabin, established in 2020 as the first acoustic lighting company. The Chicago- based organization engineers intuitive solutions to enable the most incredible human interaction. A team of veteran designers and engineers from within the lighting and acoustic industries came together to develop an all-in-one solution for lighting and sound management.

For more information, please visit www.Sabin.Lighting or connect with Sabin on Instagram and LinkedIn.