IESNYC, DLFNY, WILD NYC, and IALD NY Raise $5000 for Safe Horizon at Holiday Party

by | Jan 3, 2023 | News

Megan Carroll
IESNYC President

I hope you’re reading this newsletter after a healthy and bright holiday season.

The second annual IESNYC, DLFNY, WILD NYC, and IALD NY holiday party was a festive, energetic, and fun gathering, with DJs Charles Selander and Fritz Ta spinning, the quintessential mirror ball dazzling, and lots of happy feet on the dance floor. More than $5000 was raised for Safe Horizons. It warms my heart to see our industry’s heartfelt generosity.

I’m looking forward, as I imagine most everyone is, to a simpler, more predictable and manageable year, with most of the unprecedented weirdness and sorrow of COVID fading to memory.

I’ll be Zooming in for the Lighting and Skin Tone Panel Discussion January 18 at 6:00 pm, a program chaired by Brigid Hardiman in support of Equity In Lighting. I asked Brigid what motivated her to organize this event.

It’s somewhat common knowledge that the color samples used to generate the CRI metric came predominantly from Caucasian skin tones. This was the catalyst that led to this panel. Do lighting professionals consider how all humans look under different lighting conditions? How should we be thinking about the color of light in a way that is equitable for all people? This panel brings researchers and creatives together to take a deeper dive into the topic. It should be pretty eye-opening.

Did you know there is a community calendar for posting and sharing lighting industry events? By including rep shows, national shows, and all the local organizations’ events, we avoid double-booking. If you’re organizing a lighting industry gathering, large or small, we welcome your postings. Just drop a note about your event to

Hoping to see more of everyone IRL this year. I send you warm wishes for a successful, healthy, and happy 2023!