Zaniboni Lighting Launches New Division: Zaniboni Indoor Well-Being

by | Jan 17, 2023 | News

Clearwater FL, January 17, 2022: A new division of Zaniboni Lighting has been launched. Offering industry leading human-centric product design, Zaniboni Indoor Well-Being focuses entirely on elevating human performance and happiness.

Zaniboni Indoor Well-Being includes a number of innovative, comprehensive smart sensing systems that adjust based on presence, natural light, noise level, and air quality; it adapts the space’s light, sound, temperature, and oxygen level autonomously. Zaniboni also offers a diverse range of acoustic panel lines with sound masking technology to support speech
privacy and productivity.

According to Luca Masella, Omni Product Manager for Zaniboni Indoor Well-Being, occupants should be the main focus of a space’s design. “We believe each product used indoors should be designed to enhance human performance and make the environment more livable for the occupant. Innovation that enables people to reach their full potential is something we firmly believe in and our products and technology focus on this.”

Zaniboni uses a scientific based approach to get product to the market. The initial stage of the product development process involves research and collaboration with academic institutions.Extensive testing then takes place in regulated indoor settings, including Zaniboni’s own corporate headquarters. In the final stage, an effective solution that improves human performance and well-being is introduced to the market.

For example, CO2 builds up in a space simply by occupants breathing over time. Without proper oxygen flow, CO2 levels increase and dramatically affect well-being and productivity. A study by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health found that, on average, subjects’ cognitive scores dropped a whopping 21% with a 400 ppm (parts per million) increase in CO2. This was validated through testing, including at Zaniboni corporate headquarters, before integration into the line of indoor well-being products. By furnishing product with CO2 sensors, air quality can be managed either by triggering HVAC to recirculate air automatically or notify occupants to open a window to get fresh oxygen into a space.

Check out these innovative systems that focus solely on occupant well-being. Visit the Zaniboni Well-Being website at

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