The BEST Architectural Products Featured at Light Middle East

by | Jan 18, 2023 | News

Light Middle East kicked off the 2023 show with a kind of Shark Tank event. The jury consisted of 15 lighting designers and prior to the show, they shortlisted about 30 products. Representatives from the 30 companies were invited to “pitch” those products to the judges. Each company had five minutes for their presentation.  (We hear that LightFair has planned a similar event.)

The jury was instructed to evaluate each product using the criteria of ‘Innovative Design’, ‘Sustainable Future’ and ‘Seamless Integration


iGuzzini, Crystal Opti-Diamond,Presented by: Andrea Miglioranzi, Technical Service Assistant/ Sergio Padula – Technical Director

  • improves visual comfort and changes the relationship with space.
  • Up to 155 lm/w with UGR less than 19; 90 CRI.
  • White transparent and black transparent.
  • 100% recyclable packaging.

LEDFLEX, Flexi Grazer 3D,Presented by: Jordan William Sievwright / Andrew Bunker, Managing Director LEDFlex Group Middle East

  • Company founded in 2010 and started in Middle East in 2016.  Opened Dubai office MAR of 2022, set up a team of 9 people in Dubai.
  • Flexi Grazer was launched 2 years ago with an optic over each chip bending in a 2D operation.
  • Today they are launching Flexigrazer 3D: Illuminating curved surfaces seamlessly and can be shaped to follow the plane of the vertical surface.
  • Dual bending in two directions 80- CRI is 111 Lm/w, at 90 CRI, lose about 10%–no cost difference between 80 and 90 CRI.
  • Silicon encapsulated.
  • Later this year, plans to launch 3DMaxi: tunable RGBW.  

Artemide, Funivia Indoor, Presented by: Gerasimos Pavlidis, Technical Assistant

  • Light is like a cable car traveling to remote destinations.
  • Kevlar reinforced cable.
  • Can hold 320 kg of weight.
  • Each product can be mounted freely in any positon of the cable.
  • Self-healing cable. Once the cable has been penetrated, luminaire can move to a different location and the cable will heal itself and retain its IP rating. 

Linea Light, INK RECESSED, Presented by: Hani Ram, Sales Engineer / Elisa Montanaro, Lighting consultant manager

  • Available in 4 watts, 12 watts and 22 watts.
  • Black color and black finish; working to offer more finishes
  • Can have a 90-degree corner or an endcap.
  • Rated IP40

ERCO, Parscan, Presented by: Taha Abdarrsheed M Alhindi, Business Development Manager

  • 99 lm/w; ERCO is interested in the amount of light at the surface than lumens per watt.
  • 1500 lux with 14w.
  • Easy to take a part and recycle as the product has no glue.
  • 105 lx/w.
  • Sustainable operation. Easy to separate parts for recycling, L90 B10 at 50,000 hours. 1% LED failure rate. 
  • Tunable white 2700K to 7500K.
  • Personalization with a modularity of lenses, like an old camera with different lenses
  • No tools required to add on control unit.
  • Casambi Bluetooth, Zigbee 3.0, On-Board dim.

Zumtobel, ARCOS III Zoomfocus, Presented by: Muntasar Pocha, Sales Manager – UAE & Kuwait,

  • Perfect tool for lighting as no lenses needed.  Different art with different spaces can have the same luminaire with different beams.   One fixture can be adjusted from a narrow spot to a wide flood.
  • Available in two sizes: ceiling heights up to 10M and ceiling heights up to 5m
  • CRI of 96 with R9 greater than 98
  • Special zoom lens to give complete freedom to illuminated any kind of art with no scattering loss and no multiple shadows.
  • Museum lighting requires minimum 90 CRI for tunable white. The ARCOS III Zoomfocus offers CRI up to 96.
  • R9 value is 98 which surpasses requirements for museum lighting.



ERCO, Beamer, Presented by: Aamir Khan Khan Mohamme Sagir, Sales Manager

  • Good lighting needs darkness with crisp beams of light on the target, allowing darkness to remain dark.
  • New range of innovative darklight lens, create a magical atmosphere with maximum visual comfort.
  • Modularity with 10 light distributions—narrow spot to wall wash. Simply change the light distribution
  • Monochrome/RGBW, dynamically adjust light colour with tunable white.
  • Mounting flexibility: surface and wall mount or mount to threaded holes.
  • The light is in an aluminum housing, but the Casambi radio is in the non-aluminum housing.



THORN.   Thorn Carat,Presented by: Manan Gupta, Head of Outdoor Lighting – MEIA

  • Lighting the outdoors with respect for nocturnal systems; finding a balance between needs of people and needs of animals.
  • Carat is a perfect mixing of 2 LED colour temperatures: Mix 2200 and 4000K in two different channels. 
  • Variable Light distributions optimizes comfort and security.
  • Future proof

Artemide Carlotta de Bevilacqua, Funivia Outdoor, Presented by: Gerasimos Pavlidis, Technical Assistant

  • Reengineered for outdoor applications
  • Double insulated cable.
  • Hold up to 320 Kg of weight.
  • Open infrastructure.
  • IP67 connectors with IP65 for the luminaire.
  • Simple open control infrastructure.
  • 5-year warranty on the IP-67 self-healing cable. Cable is same interior and exterior. 

SGM, SGM i-6, Presented by: Eloise Claire Reed, Specification Manager Northern Europe NSGM Light A/S

  • Founded in Italy in 1975 and reinvented in Denmark in 2009
  • Famous for first European IP65 moving Light
  • In-house product design R&D, QC, testing, and manufacturing.
  • I series is long distance narrow throw.
  • RGBW white 4000K, 24 LEDS.
  • Colour Temperature range 2000K to 10,000K
  • Wireless and onboard controls
  • IP67 Sealed Base

Bold Lighting, Billet X Eclipse, Presented by: George David Moghaizel, CEO

  • The reflector moves which changes the focal point and tilt of the beam. Moving the reflectors, the Y axis, the beam moves to -30 to +45 degrees.
  • The reflector, when set a different height, adjusts the beam focus from a tight beam to a larger beam.
  • Billet X Eclipse combines a very low glare source with an adjustable beam and can be used in outdoor and indoor applications.
  • Adjustment is done onsite or pre-set at the factory



ALE (BE T. wall and ceiling), Presented by: Barbara Baschieri, Caspaiou Design & Interiors Show-room Manager

  • 3 main components: Base, body and top.
  • Light moves back and forth so it can be directed.
  • Light source has a lens at 340 degrees.
  • Handmade, portable and battery-operated light
  • Build in Lombardy Italy with water-based paint
  • 5 watts, 219 lumens, 2700K, CRI>80
  • No cables
Luce 5 Mirror


Luce 5, Painted by Light,Presented by: Riccardo Di Bene, CEO of Luce5 Yachting and the Sales Director for Luce5 / Incoronata Di Leo, Account Manager Luce5

  • A new technique of light without monitors or screens.
  • Product is a mirror with some technology underneath; when off, the panel reflects like a frameless mirror.
  • Graphics concepts can be customized.
  • Luce5 products are Made in Italy, with 10 worldwide locations. They build about 600 customized projects per year and interested in new collaborations.
  • Luce5 focuses on retail, yachting, luxury living and light & art. 
Linea Light 1957 Design

Linea Light 1957 Design

Linea Light Group, SALISCENDI, Presented by: Hani Ram, Sales Engineer / Elisa Montanaro, Lighting consultant manager

  • Original design was for 1957 Milan Chamber of Commerces. Today Saliscendi has been redesigned with dimmable LED light sources. Up and down like a pulley
  • Pully method
  • 2 light sources
  • 36 watts
  • CRI 90
  • DALI or CASAMBI compatible.

Artemide, Stellar Nebula, Presented by: Gerasimos Pavlidis, Technical Assistant

  • Every diffuser is hand blown to the precise size needed
  • Where artistic and industrial design meet
  • Free blown air is utilized during the glass blowing process to ensure uniqueness;
  • Available in floor and table mounts and cluster
  • 500, 2000 and 2500 delivered lumens
  • CRI of 90
Zumtobel Ambitus

Zumtobel Ambitus

Zumtobel , AMBITUS, Presented by: Muntasar Pocha, Sales Manager – UAE & Kuwait

  • 60cm diameter; luminaire hangs gently in the room
  • No visible power supply or source
  • Direct and indirect lighting
  • Perforated
  • Mimics sunlight
  • Maximum light, minimum glare
  • Over 11,000 lumens, suitable for two workplaces, UGR <13
  • 2700-65000K
  • Suspension cables are the power cables, luminaire appears to float in space
  • Zumtobel has plans for smaller and larger versions


Intelligent Lighting Solution of the Year

Linea LightApp Twil, Presented by: Hani Ram, Sales Engineer / Elisa Montanaro, Lighting consultant manager

  • Closed system, 1% to 100% control and create 16 scenes
  • DALI system can attach a converter
  • Twil App up to 80 fixtures on one gatway. Gateway connected to router.

Artemide, INTEGRALIS®, Presented by: Gerasimos Pavlidis, Technical Assistant

  • Dose of Active Light, Integralis works on the concept of dose adapting , 405 nm, instiy of the sanitizing action according to the rhythem of permance and
  • Combination of 5000K white light and 405nm visible light.
  • Programmable and self-maintained.
  • Artemide has positive results from three hospital experiments in Milano
  • Day Mode and Night Mode.
  • Technology is available in many products including ceiling mounts and table lamps
  • Does not eliminate the virus that causes Covid, but reduces the growth rate on surfaces.

iGuzzini, Light Shed, Presented by: Andrea Miglioranzi, Technical Service Assistant/ Sergio Padula – Technical Director,MPO

  • Modular system 140 LM/W
  • Weight: 2kg
  • Tool free installation
  • Built for integration, push notification, space management, indoor navigation
  • Integrate speaker, environmental sensor.
  • 10 db. absorption rate
  • 50,000 hour, L90, B10
  • Up to 29 watts

WiSilica, Lumos Controls Intelligent Lighting Control Ecosystem with AI-Based Analytics, Presented by: Vivek Pramod, SVP & GM- Smart Controls

  • Based on AI Video Analytics
  • Motion detection, safer and secure buldings.
  • Responds to fall detection; could have lights to flash about injured person
  • Accurate daylight sensing
  • Occupancy based lighting controls
  • Could be programmed to alert during a bank robbery by detecting several people raising both hands at the same time. Lights could immediately begin flashing. 
  • Use hand gestures to control the lights