Beta-Calco Doubles Down on Elevated Linear Lighting Solutions with Multiple New and Enhanced Product Families

by | Jan 19, 2023 | News, What's New

The Canadian Lighting Leader’s Latest Moves in Linear Lighting Underscore Industry Leadership in Delivering Exquisitely Designed, Specification-Grade Solutions        

Toronto, Canada—January 12, 2023—Beta-Calco, an industry-leading manufacturer of architectural lighting solutions, today announced the immediate availability of newly-enhanced and brand-new linear product lines. Alongside its FluteTM, OooohTM, BlockTM, TunnelTM, Le LouvreTM, RodeoTM, Rodeo SoloTM, and BookTM linear profiles, Beta-Calco now offers innovative options such as Micro FlareTM, BridgeTM, BoggleTM, SpectiveTM, and EndlessTM to outfit nearly any design that requires specification-grade linear lighting.                                        

The wide range of product options allows lighting designers to illuminate myriad applications. Open plan office spaces, single office spaces, conference rooms, corridors, reception areas, educational spaces, high-end retail, and hospitality—there is nothing that enables a lighting designer’s vision quite like linear from Beta-Calco.
“After three years of in-house development, the new linear product lines represent our most comprehensive, top-tier product offerings to date,” said Etan Silver, CEO of Beta-Calco, “With meticulous attention to detail in engineering and manufacturing these products, we have reinforced our position as the supplier of choice for specifiers and lighting designers alike.”            

Enhanced optics and customization capabilities are also central to Beta-Calco’s linear product range, enabling both top-tier performance and precise fulfillment of project outcomes. With modular profiles and PoE connectivity across most of the range, Beta-Calco also enables straightforward specification and installation.

New and Enhanced Product Offerings


Product Family New Variants Key Specs
Flute  Flute Suspended, Ceiling Surface Hourglass Profile, Illuminated Reveal (Side Glow), 135 lm/W Delivered 
Ooooh  Ooooh Suspended, Ceiling Surface, Recessed, Quad, Systems Ellipsoidal Louver System, Five Satinized Louver Finishes, Minimal Glare 
Block  Block Suspended, Ceiling Surface, Recessed, Quad, Systems, Block Slim Recessed  3 Optical Lens Options, 138 lm/W Direct and 154 lm/W Indirect,12 Finishes 
Tunnel  Tunnel Suspended, Ceiling Surface, Recessed, Quad, Systems Incurved Profile and Lens Design, 3 Optical Lens Options, 120-Degree Batwing for Indirect 
Le Louvre  Le Louvre Suspended, Ceiling Surface, Recessed, Quad, Systems UGR <9, Award-Winning Design, Five Satinized Louver Finishes, Cross-Hatched Louver
Rodeo and Rodeo Solo  Rodeo Suspended, Rodeo Solo Suspended  All-Purpose Linear with 3 Layers of Light, Spotlights flip to Either Side, Lustrous Bezels and Trim Finishes
Book and Book II  Book Suspended, Book Non-Illuminated Suspended, Book II Suspended, Book II Non-Illuminated Suspended  Sound Dampening and Light Performance, 100% PET and Min 75% Recycled Material, NRC Rating .80
Micro Flare  Micro Flare Suspended  Distinct Curved Panel Design, Two-Toned Finishing, Optimized Light Performance and Visual Light Diffusion
Bridge  Bridge Suspended  Even and Glare-Free Illumination, Unique Beam-Style Form Factor, Two-Toned Finishing 
Boggle  Boggle Suspended, Ceiling Surface, Recessed UGR < 9, Tunable White Light Engine, Precise 80-Degree Beam
Spective  Spective Suspended  Two-Toned Finishing, Three Anodized Trim Finishes for Accenting, Open Aesthetic
Endless  Endless Suspended  Seven Types of Rounded Corner Junctions, Highly Configurable Continuous Lighting Plan, Open Looped or Closed Shapes

Learn more about the linear product line here

About Beta-Calco                                        

Beta-Calco has led the way as an innovator in architectural lighting manufacturing since 1941. The company’s passion for designing top-class, architectural lighting enables the rapidly growing brand to uphold the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.     

The company’s Canadian-based manufacturing infrastructure equips Beta-Calco to bring thoughtful, advanced products to market with the highest level of quality control. Through a handcrafted approach to product manufacturing alongside customer-centric service, Beta-Calco has forged a reputation as a remarkable leader in the lighting profession.

Beta-Calco leverages the latest in leading wellness technologies like BIOS, Tunable White, and Dim to Warm alongside open-source connectivity to intelligent control systems like Power over Ethernet (PoE).