Michael Moritz Expands Luxury Architecture Firm, Stonewater, in Northeast and Florida

by | Feb 1, 2023 | News

Michael Moritz Expands Luxury Architecture Firm

WESTFIELD, NJ. – February 1, 2023 – Principal Architect, Michael A. Mortiz, has continued to grow Stonewater Architecture over the past thirteen years into a well-known force in the luxury design world. As he opens a new office and completes two major builds in Westfield, NJ., he is also completing his first of many homes in south Florida, in the prestigious enclave of Lost Tree.

The Sobol residence in Westfield is gorgeously finished for a family of four. Sitting on a corner lot with unfriendly zoning, Michael worked the design around the zoning to design a home larger than they could have ever thought. The major street is buffered by the three-car garage blocking noise to the rear yard and Moritz put the main entrance on the side street.  You enter the foyer with a beautiful view of the golf course straight through the family room. The pub room, family room, kitchen and breakfast rooms flow into each other and are set around the rear patio and porch outdoor kitchen with views of rear yard and golf course to host myriad parties and events as the children grow.

“When I feel like I left a little part of me behind is when I know I gave my all on the project,” says Moritz. “This is what makes me smile.”

Luxury wellness spaces have become common in all of Michael’s new builds. In the Sobol residence, Mama gets her Zen Den with a sauna built into her shower. Down the road, in the 9,000 sq. ft. Freeman residence, dad has an indoor golf simulator to practice his put until the weather warms up on the golf course. Michael believes that every house tells a story, and the story is shaped by history, by place, and by the individuals who live within it. After 13 years of experience, Michael is looking forward to expand his expertise to key market locations across the East Coast.

To find out more about Stonewater Architecture, its clients, or its services, please visit https://www.stonewaterarch.com/.

About Stonewater Architecture 

Since its inception in 2008, Stonewater Architecture has become known for its ability to adapt traditional architectural forms and principles into contemporary and modern living. The homes designed by Michael A. Moritz are a testament to his collaborative nature and thoughtful approach to crafting spaces that reflect how his clients live. He believes that every house tells a story, and that story is shaped by history, place, and by the individuals who live there. They have offices in Westfield, NJ, and East Hampton, NY. stonewaterarchitecture.com