NEO Architectural Lighting Named as Exclusive Partner for Louis Poulsen

by | Feb 6, 2023 | News

Louis Poulsen Showroom in Milan

Industry veterans lead the US-based company with a wellbeing-led mission to make lighting a valued and indispensable part of any architectural project

Fort Lauderdale, FL, February 2023 – NEO Architectural Lighting is proud to debut as the exclusive partner for Louis Poulsen commercial lighting in North America. The new Fort Lauderdale-based company specializes in  lluminating buildings and their nearby surroundings, with an array of indoor and outdoor lighting products and a mission to humanize spaces with light. They are also actively expanding their portfolio of architectural lighting brands to include a variety of manufacturers and new companies emerging into the North American markets.

“We’re excited to launch NEO Architectural Lighting as the exclusive partner of Louis Poulsen commercial lighting in North America,” says Kent Pedersen, Co-Founder & CEO of NEO Architectural Lighting. “The NEO team is committed to bringing the best of architectural lighting to our clients and we’re looking ahead to expand our portfolio of products from other manufacturers.”

Their approach to architectural lighting is based on human needs and well-being, making lighting a valued and indispensable part of any project. NEO Architectural Lighting keeps up to date with building developments and helps create long-lasting solutions for the benefit of their partners, their projects and ultimately the people who will use the spaces, raising the standard for the importance of lighting for humans and their immediate  surroundings.

“We have over four decades of experience and a client-focused business model that includes a comprehensive, US-based customer service, custom and modified product development as well as local production and warehousing to support our national network of clients and their projects,” Pedersen continues.

Pedersen, who was previously Louis Poulsen’s USA President and CEO, is joined by fellow Louis Poulsen alum, Co-Founder and COO of NEO Architectural Lighting Amir Bagherlee. Together, they established a team of lighting engineers and technicians with robust and diverse experience. Over the last 40 years, Pedersen and Bagherlee developed industry expertise with a passion for light, as well as an openness to the wants and needs of the network of architects, landscape architects, lighting designers and contractors they’ve developed. They see this new era of NEO Architectural Lighting as an even greater opportunity to further adapt to the market while ultimately helping create unique, human-centric lighting environments.

About NEO Architectural Lighting
Founded by Kent Pedersen and Amir Bagherlee, the new exclusive distributor of Louis Poulsen commercial lighting for North America comes with decades of experience providing professional lighting in the Americas. Based in Fort Lauderdale, FL, NEO Architectural Lighting has a hands on approach to all phases of a project, from design to realization, offering a variety of services and tools to help with product specification and deliver a successful project. The company boasts an established network of agents across North American Markets, over four decades of building relationships with local specifiers, technical experts with a deep knowledge of custom product offerings and US-based, state of the art storage facilities to ensure fast and quality shipping. For more information: