New Curiousa Wave Chandelier

by | Feb 15, 2023 | What's New

We've now launching the WAVE CHANDELIER, featuring five textural, hand formed glass vessels threaded onto beams of light.

We’ve now launching the WAVE CHANDELIER, featuring five textural, hand formed glass vessels threaded onto beams of light. These sculptural lit forms, taken from our WAVE COLLECTION,  include horizontal Ripple Beams alongside vertical Crest & Cascade pendants. Each piece intersects with the other creating a feeling of effortless interplay and suspension.  

The textures and colours are reminiscent of weathered glass found on a sea shore. To create this sea worn feel each glass element is blown completely free-style and carefully shaped by hand and eye, without the use of moulds, then part sand-blasted to create contrasts of texture and filmy surfaces.

“It’s important the glass pieces are spontaneous and feel alive and tactile. Even though I’ve designed a certain uniformity – they needed to feel instinctive, sculptural and free of constraint.”
Esther Patterson, CURIOUSA Founder

Free-blown in the UK with an endless choice of twenty two glass colours, they include walnut inclusions and turned brass details.  Built by the CURIOUSA team to any specification in their Derbyshire studio, each part of the light can be replaced and refurbished in-house – allowing these lights to last a life time.