New Luminaire Shines a Light on Low Carbon Choices for a More Sustainable Future

by | Feb 23, 2023 | What's New

New luminaire

Following a commitment to create more sustainable solutions, Swedish lighting manufacturer Fagerhult has welcomed Kvisten to its product range, a unique pendant luminaire that offers energy efficiency and light quality.

A new wooden light fixture, partly made from repurposed television sets, is capturing the attention of eco-conscious specifiers.

Crafted from 77 per cent recycled or renewable materials, Kvisten presents an opportunity for architects, lighting and interior designers to specify a product which has a lower environmental impact and an opportunity for more circular processes:

  • Kvisten’s body is entirely made of wood: pine plywood and birch veneer
  • There are no screws or other fasteners required to hold the pieces together
  • The reflectors are repurposed from television sets that are no longer in use
  • Even the packaging is made from recyclable materials and is free of EPS and plastic

Speaking about the creation of Kvisten, Cecilia Niva – Product and Application Manager at Fagerhult – said: “Our goal is for all our products to consist of at least 80 per cent renewable and recycled materials before 2030. With Kvisten, we wanted to create a luminaire with low CO2 emissions and minimal climate footprint. Made from certified wood from sustainable forestry and with the reflectors reused from television sets, Kvisten is a big step in the right direction,”

To reduce Kvisten’s climate impact further, it can be equipped with Organic Response, a wireless plug-and-play system for light control. This provides just the right amount of light – and simultaneously saves energy – based on where and when people are present.

“During this project, it became clear that when many people with different expertise are challenged to think in new ways, then really big things can happen,” continues Cecilia. “Many small changes will make a huge difference to the result. The work with Kvisten has given us knowledge, experience, inspiration and optimism, which we take with us into future projects.”

For more information about Kvisten, please visit or contact Fagerhult Lighting Ltd on 0207 403 4123 or