Casambi Announces Long Range BLE-based Mesh Ahead of LEDucation 2023

by | Mar 6, 2023 | News, What's New

Casambi Announces Long Range BLE-based Mesh Ahead of LEDucation 2023

Combination of new feature-rich SoC, software upgrades, and new hardware components creates a fourfold increase in node-to-node communication range; enables more robust indoor, outdoor and hybrid indoor/outdoor networks

Atlanta, USA – March 6, 2023 : Casambi, industry leader of wireless lighting controls, announced its newest feature-rich SoC, CBM-003, which enables new radio modes and longer range up to approx. 650 feet (200 meters)  in real-world applications.  Casambi is also announcing the production release of three new network component devices based on the new SoC, and the SoC is also already being deployed by dozens of partner companies in hundreds of products in the Casambi ecosystem.  Together, these innovations have created the first commercially available long-range BLE-based mesh network.

The new long-range chips open new applications in parking garages, multi-building campuses, and outdoor architectural lighting installations where lighting control has historically been technically challenging. Casambi’s open ecosystem partners (OEMs) are in the process of designing and testing LR products which will hit the North American market later in 2023.

The new products from Casambi include a cloud Gateway (CGW-001-POE/CGW-001-PSU), 0-10 dimming controller (CBU-ARP-LR), and phase dimming controller (CBU-TDP-LR).

“Extension of the Casambi mesh network range enables a new spectrum of outdoor and hybrid indoor/outdoor lighting systems all controlled by the Casambi App,” said Mark McClear, General Manager, Casambi North America. “This is an important step forward for the industry as it moves past archaic lighting control panels, long copper wire runs and unnecessary installation labor.  Wireless networks are replacing wired networks just like LED replaced all other lighting sources.”

Expand possibilities with Casambi’s technology by visiting us at LEDucation trade show and conference, March 7-8, New York Hilton Midtown, NY (Americas Hall 1 #2305)