Aculux Enhances Industry-leading AX3 and AX4 Series of Architectural Downlights

by | Mar 20, 2023 | News

Aculux Enhances Industry-leading AX3 and AX4 Series of Architectural Downlights

Improved WarmDim® and Tunable White options offered for AX3 and now available for AX4 series

Atlanta Aculux, an established leader in the manufacture of precision luminaires, today announced enhancements to the AX series, its highest-performing family of architectural recessed downlights that provide industry-leading cut-off and glare control to create quiet ceilings.

For the AX3 3” LED precision recessed luminaires, designers can now select enhanced WarmDim® technology with packages from 800 to as high as 1500 delivered lumens; enhanced Tunable White technology is also offered from 800 to 2000 delivered lumens. When WarmDim® is selected, AX3 precision optics are available with a lighting distribution as narrow as 12°, the most narrow in the industry.

Both technologies have also been introduced to the AX4 4” series. Lumen packages from 800 to 1700 delivered lumens are available for WarmDim® and 1200 to 2200 delivered lumens for Tunable White. Designers can choose optics  with beam distributions from 10°.

Aculux’s patented WarmDim® technology warms the color of the LED light on a gentle gradient as it dims light output, delivering the feeling of halogen lighting with the long life and energy savings of LED. Dimming is gradual and uniform, while color mixing and lighting performance are optimized. WarmDim® features a more consistent color with industry-leading 1-step binning and 90+ CRI standard. Beam distributions up to 55° may be selected, including a wide batwing option. This technology is ideal for residential, restaurant, or hospitality applications.

The Tunable White dynamic feature lets users adjust a luminaire’s color temperature in real-time. This fosters a sense of the passage of time, or circadian rhythm, and enables the creation of scenes and modes that align with key activities that require occupants to be more focused, relaxed, or energetic. It is ideal for healthcare, office, corporate interiors, education, retail, hospitality, and recreation applications.

Feature enhancement summary:

AX Series WarmDim®

  • AX3: 800 to 1500 delivered lumens
  • AX4: 800 – 2000 delivered lumens
  • Precision optics:
    • AX3 as narrow as 12°
    • AX4 as narrow as 10°
  • Consistent color: 1-step binning and 90+ CRI standard

AX Series Tunable White

  • AX3: 800 to 2000 delivered lumens
  • AX4: 1200 to 2200 delivered lumens
  • CCTs: 5000K – 2700K
  • 90+ CRI standard
  • Precision optics:
    • AX3 20°- 60° + Batwing
    • AX4 15°- 60° + Batwing
  • Control options:
    • 0-10V / nLight®
    • DALI

Learn more about AX3 and AX4.  

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