Metaroom by Amrax® and RELUX Announce Strategic Partnership

by | Apr 17, 2023 | News


Basel, Switzerland, and Salzburg, Austria – Metaroom by Amrax® and the lighting design software provider RELUX Informatik AG are proud to announce a strategic partnership. With the combination of their cutting-edge technologies, they offer the possibility to their users to use 3D scan data directly in the light planning software and thus create precise and detailed light and sensor plans for each room.

The partnership allows users to seamlessly integrate true-to-scale 3D models of rooms, including detailed information on colors and textures into the RELUX light planning software. The digital twin is created with the Metaroom® App within minutes by using RGB and depth sensors from iPhones or iPads Pro together with deep learning neural networks. The accuracy of LiDAR sensors of the iPhone 14 Pro model is at 0.5-1%. The recognition range is approximately 5 meters.

Metaroom collaborate

Metaroom Collaborate

“We are excited to partner with Relux Informatik AG,” said Martin Huber, CEO of AMRAX. ” RELUX’s expertise in lighting design is unsurpassed. Together, we offer a comprehensive solution with an integrated workflow that combines the power of our 3D scanning technology with advanced lighting design capabilities.”

Metaroom In App

Metaroom In App

“This partnership has the potential to revolutionize the way external field staff interact with its customers,” said Markus Hegi, CEO of RELUX. “By combining our expertise, we can already offer a considerable added-value profit to our users with this first version, and this is just the starting point of all possibilities. The partnership between AMRAX® and RELUX is an important step in the development of design and construction technologies and both companies are looking towards the future with excitement.

Amrax Relux

Amrax Relux

About Metaroom by AMRAX®:
Amrax®, the technology platform behind Metaroom®, was founded in 2020 to explore new ways to digitize and design spaces using 3D technology. It offers fast, inspiring, and user-friendly solutions for space planning and interior design. Amrax’s team of 25 experts in computer vision, AI, software development, and marketing use interdisciplinary collaboration and virtual reality to create groundbreaking innovations. Headquartered in Salzburg, Austria, Amrax® also operates in Vienna and the USA.

About RELUX:
RELUX Informatik AG, Switzerland, has been an established and specialized company in the development of lighting design and product presentation software for over 25 years. RELUX is a leader in BIM solutions and actively participates in many national and international committees. Due to its long-standing market experience, RELUX offers custom development and advises manufacturers. Since 2010, RELUX has been an independently managed family business. This fact strongly shapes the company culture, as high quality, respectful and fair treatment of customers and employees which build a solid foundation for success.