Join the ‘Say it with Light’ Challenge: The Lighting Police and Ciluz Illuminate the Importance of Adequate Lighting

by | May 11, 2023 | News

say it with light

With the creative “Say it with Light” Challenge on Social Networks, The Lighting Police and Ciluz seek to bring a strong message to the whole world celebrating the International Day of Light on the 16th of May!  


We invite the global community to play a creative part in this initiative, which seeks to raise awareness about the importance of adequate light in our lives and the spaces that surround us. 


The Lighting Police is an education-driven platform supported by a global multidisciplinary network with the goal of raising awareness, sparking transparent conversations, and speaking to the public about the importance of the right Light. TLP has endorsed the mission that each person, no matter who they are, can understand, detect and experience the VALUE of the correct, designed, and considered the quality of LIGHT. 


For its part, Ciluz is a Light Research Center, which seeks to raise awareness and promote actions on the role of light in the quality of life and well-being, both. This organization fulfills its mission through the generation of content and educational instances, reaching a large community in Latin America made up of professionals, lovers, and curious about light. 


What is the “Say It With Light” Challenge and how you can participate:  


It consists of 3 steps

1_Choose a local landmark or building, think of it as a canvas, and project a light message, whether in the form of colors, patterns, or simple text. Thinking of light as a messenger to the world, what would you like to convey? 


2_Share the message as a sketch; an image, a gif, or a text. Be simple but creative and quick using Instagram drawing/painting tools like a collage (not programs like Photoshop or Canva). 


3_Upload the story, nominate 2 friends to take up the challenge, and tag @_ciluz and @thelightingpolice with the hashtags #diloconluz #sayitwithlight 


Participants will be able to share their creations on Instagram, Linkedin, or via email from the 16th of May until the end of the month!  


Social Media to engage with or tag on the post/text   

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The Ciluz Linkedin account:  

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