American Lighting Association (ALA) Former President and CEO Eric Jacobson Joins SKYX as Senior Product Standardization Advisor

by | May 30, 2023 | News

Eric Jacobson

MIAMI, FL / ACCESSWIRE / SKYX Platforms Corp. (NASDAQ:SKYX) (d/b/a “Sky Technologies”) SKYX, a highly disruptive platform technology company with over 60 issued and pending patents globally with a mission to make homes and buildings become safe and smart as the new standard, announced today that Eric Jacobson, former President and CEO of The American Lighting Association (ALA), has joined the Company as a Senior Product Standardization Advisor.

During his 30-year service as the President and CEO of the American Lighting Association, Mr. Jacobson led the association to become a strong advocate and partner for the lighting and ceiling fan industries. Under Jacobson’s leadership the association was active in member education, expanding lighting awareness, protecting, and advancing product sales through its regulatory, legislative, and engineering work, and delivering meetings and conferences to help grow the industry. The regulatory work has protected ceiling fans, recessed lighting, and sockets from unnecessary federal and state regulations that would have been detrimental to lighting sales. Prior to his work at the American Lighting Association, Eric Jacobson served as the senior intergovernmental affairs officer for the U.S. Department of Labor.

Mr. Jacobson said: “I am truly excited to join the SKYX team to assist with the standardization process of its safe ceiling outlet. Transforming the lighting and fan industries from the existing old hazardous hardwire installation method to a safe and easy plug-and-play installation method will resolve the biggest unsolved problem of the lighting industry. This will be a huge win for the lighting and fan industries as it will enable consumers to replace fixtures safely, much more often and will significantly enhance the industry’s business activity.”

“We are very happy to announce that such a clear industry leader and has joined the SKYX safety movement,” said Rani Kohen, Founder and Executive Chairman of SKYX Platforms. “Having Mr. Jacobson, the former President and CEO of the American Lighting Association, work together with our safety code team led by Mark Early, the former Head and Chief Engineer of the National Electrical Code, is quite significant. Having the two U.S. leaders of the Lighting and Electrical industries working together and leading SKYX’s standardization process is a major step towards our ceiling safety standard goal for homes and buildings.”

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