DLF Event: A Night at The Edge

by | Sep 5, 2023 | News


Join the DLF for the opening event of the season!

Located at 30 Hudson Yards, this 101-floor journey to The Edge features everything from a brass-trimmed, 45-seat bar area to an innovative, sustainability-focused exhibit.

The multi-sensory experience begins on floors 4 and 5, where visitors enter a hallway of water-filled caissons designed to mirror the building’s foundation and unique engineering approach. Next, a floor to ceiling digital representation of the Hudson Rail Yard engulfs the hallway as visitors continue towards the elevators. The historical display is exhibited with an avant-garde glimmer, which illuminates through speck-like openings in the bronze scaffolding. Color-changing strips balance the cooling light-blue outlines of digital subway cars. In the elevator-queue area, a blue perimeter cove blends seamlessly with the overhead displays and side panels, accentuating the warm hues to create the perfect observation environment.

At the close of the exhibition, the design transitions from the captivating displays to a high-end lounge and dining experience. A balance of warm lighting, natural oak-wrapped ceilings, and champagne metal polishes produce a soulfully robust tone, which enables a fluid transition to the 96-floor journey to unparalleled city views and dining. At the pinnacle, a harmonious balance of natural and electric lighting heightens the ambiance surrounding one of New York’s most breathtaking experiences.

Join us for an in-depth lighting tour of this iconic New York City project.  We will start with cocktails and appetizers at Kahlo restaurant where the team at BOLD will walk through their design process and strategies.  Afterwards, we will walk over to the Edge and marvel at the project and its scenery.



Tues. Sept. 19th 


527 W 29th St 


Members: $25 
Students: $20 
New Members: $50