Luminii’s STENOS® Gen 2 Optics: Expanding Micro-Optics Excellence

by | Sep 19, 2023 | News

Featuring an advanced and proprietary micro-optic CSP engine, STENOS delivers superior uniform light output, high CRI, exceptional glare control – and more product solutions, adding smaller and discrete offerings to its downlight and track systems
Niles, Ill. – Luminii, a Chicago-based manufacturer of industry-leading specification-grade architectural LED lighting systems, today announced the immediate availability of the company’s new STENOS Gen 2 micro-optic platform. STENOS’s ready-to-order, field configurable, and serviceable micro-LED product family is available in both track systems and downlight options, making it easy for lighting designers and architectural professionals to create unique and sophisticated lighting installations for a wide range of applications. With the STENOS platform, lighting professionals do not have to compromise their vision or approximate client specifications, and they can easily adapt and refine their solutions as ideas and environments evolve.


The name STENOS (pronounced /stĕn-ohs/) has ancient Greek origins and means narrow or tight which was the inspiration behind the company’s segway into the micro-optic lighting market. At the heart of the STENOS system is Luminii’s proprietary, ultramodern micro-optic Chip Scale Package (CSP) engine which utilizes the smallest CSP available. Each CSP consists of a single LED die, propriety phosphor blend and customized Titanium Dioxide coating (TiO2), which allowed Luminii to develop an extremely small and narrow native TIR optic. Sized at just  1.7mm x 1.7mm, the STENOS CSP more efficiently extracts and transfers lumens directly because each CSP is only one die vs. die clusters, pushing more light forward and reducing color-over angle (COA) concerns.

“The release of STENOS Gen 2 represents our investment in the future of micro-optics,” said Amy Bonder, Chief Commercial Officer for Luminii. “Our world-class engineering and design teams continue to push the boundaries of this technology with the development of discrete, highly adaptable optics that surpass the performance of anything available on the market today. Designers want flexibility, and advancing our micro-optic technology opens the door to limitless configurations in a minimal aesthetic, giving our customers the ability to tune their spaces with meticulous accuracy.”


The STENOS architecturally designed downlight portfolio is uniquely small, consisting of four discreet micro-downlight profiles available in a 1” square, and 3”, 5”, 12” linear in both trimmed and trimless. STENOS downlights produce an output range of 250-1260 lumens, include 4 CCTs options, and 95+ CRI. All linear downlight options feature a +/- 30º aimable tilt*, perfect beam quality, and magnetic beam shaping accessories, including optic + glare control louvers for 15°, 30°, and 60° beam options, and wall wash for the 5” and 12” profiles. All STENOS downlights are field configurable, featuring a constant voltage design that enables multiple fixtures to operate from a single power supply, resulting in a simplified installation and overall cost savings.


Sharing much of the same attributes as the STENOS downlight product range, STENOS micro-track systems are offered in prefabricated shapes including Straight, L Shape, U Shape, and Rectangle, and are available in recessed, deep recessed, surface mount and suspended all featuring  discreetly small 1×1-inch profiles. STENOS track systems feature an immaculate circular beam quality from a one-of-a-kind micro-optic form factor. All STENOS ambient and directional micro-optic modules secure flush in the track system, creating a seamless architectural effect and delivering up to 1260 lumens per module. The modules offer endless flexibility, and can be added, removed, and repositioned with ease using simple tools even after installation. Additionally, STENOS systems feature a two-channel track enabling a straightforward set-up of two separately controllable zones. Simply remove, rotate, and re-insert the module to change the circuit.


STENOS Directional (tilt +/- 30°) and Ambient modules support the recessed, deep recessed, surface, and suspended options, delivering beautiful beam quality and high flexibility all from a uniquely small form factor. The modules sit flush in the track system creating a streamlined and highly integrated overall appearance.


Beam shaping accessories support both the Downlight and Track System Modules. Customers have the freedom to customize their lighting designs with supporting STENOS optical accessories and glare control louvers for 15°, 30°, 60° beams, as well as a wall wash option to light vertical services, all interchangeable and easily adjustable even after installation.

STENOS Downlights and Track Systems are orderable now in a variety of sizes, light outputs, and CCTs. Standard finishes include black and white painted hardware. Customers may view the new STENOS collection on or and obtain inventory details and further guidance by contacting their local sales representatives or emailing

So, what’s next for STENOS? Stay in the know to discover what’s next in this space including the addition of a fully adjustable track head designed for the STENOS track system, and dynamic and warm dim variants.



  • Discreet, minimal, and field flexible micro-optic downlights
  • Trimmed and Trimless options in 1-inch square 3-, 5-, and 12-inch linear downlight profiles*
  • Exact measurements are just 1.05″ wide for the Linear and 1.3″ or 0.85″ for the 1″ Square profiles
  • 1-inch square trimmed and trimless downlights support ceiling thicknesses from 0.5” to 2.0”
  • All STENOS optics feature a native 15°optic
  • All linear downlight profiles feature an integrated +/- 30° tilt
  • Control glare and beam spread with STENOS accessories
    • 15° louver, 30° optic + louver, 60° optic + louver, and wall wash*
  • ≥1260 Lumens per ft, CCTs include 2700, 3000, 3500, 4000K.
  • 24VDC, Class 2 design allows multiple downlights to operate from a single power supply = simplified installation and cost savings
  • All STENOS Downlight profiles are field serviceable
  • Title/JA8 Compliant, IC and UL Wet Location Rated
  • Finishes: Black and White painted
  • Life: 50,000 hours L90

*1” is not aimable
*1” = 25mm, 3” = 76mm, 5” = 127mm, 12” = 305mm
*Wall Wash only available for 5- and 12-inch downlights
* Wall Wash recommended spacing is 2ft from the wall and 2ft on-center


  • Discreet, minimal (1”x 1” profiles), and field flexible micro-optic track systems
  • Trimmed and Trimless options in Recessed, Deep Recessed, Surface Mount, and Suspended Systems
  • System shapes include Straight, L, U, and Rectangle
  • All STENOS optics feature a native 15°optic
  • Works in concert with STENOS directional (tilt +/- 30°) and ambient modules
  • Control glare and beam spread with STENOS accessories
    • 15° louver, 30° optic + louver, 60° optic + louver,
      and wall wash*
  • Attach Stenos modules anywhere along track systems with the freedom to adjust even after install
  • ≥1260 Lumens per ft, CCTs include 2700, 3000, 3500, 4000K.
  • Two channel track offers separate controllable zones and easy module changes from zone to zone.
  • 24VDC, Class 2 power track simplify installation
  • Title 24/JA8 Compliant, Damp Rated
  • Finishes: Black and White painted
  • Life: 50,000 hours L90

*Ambient modules are offered in 2’ = 61cm and 4’ = 122cm
*Directional modules are offered in 3” = 76mm, 5” = 127mm, 12” = 305mm
*Wall Wash only available for 5- and 12-inch downlights
* Wall Wash recommended spacing is 2ft from the wall and 2ft on-center

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