Launched One Year Ago, NYC’s Newest Lighting Design Studio, Lux Collaborative, Looks Ahead

by | Oct 10, 2023 | News

Lux Collaboratives leadership team

BROOKLYN, NY  – Lux Collaborative, an independent architectural lighting design studio celebrates its one year anniversary this October. Its co-founders, Andres Gonzalez-Bode and Kyle McGahan, trace the origins of their partnership back to 2009 during their time together at the Parsons School of Design Dual Masters program for Architecture and Lighting Design. After building their careers in the UK and NYC respectively, Andres and Kyle joined forces again in 2020 to redefine the practice of lighting design within a global multidisciplinary architecture and design firm. Following their strategic departure in October 2022, they launched Lux Collaborative to share their expertise and collaborative philosophy with the world at large.  

Since opening its doors, Lux Collaborative has worked closely with diverse project teams to design for the human experience and carefully integrate light within the built environment. In November 2022, Lux Collaborative expanded its team to include Ashkahn Bazl, who adds to the company over fifteen years of experience working in New York City with local and international partners.  

“It’s refreshing to work with a team that truly respects the design of a space and works with you to further strengthen it through their lighting vision and craft,” said Leslie Chimelis, Senior Associate of Interiors at Arcadis Inc. “Working with Lux Collaborative just feels like an extension of our team, in that they’re so approachable and always willing to do what’s best for the project.” 

In celebration of its first year, Lux Collaborative is proud to announce a few of their achievements, including:  

  1. Began collaborating on the exciting design for the North American headquarters of a highly creative and globally recognized brand. 

  1. Developed a sophisticated, multi-layered lighting masterplan for a mixed-use entertainment district in South Florida. 
  1. Redefined the nighttime experience for guests at a luxury oceanfront resort in the Caribbean, to support local wildlife ecologies after dark. 
  1. Completing construction on a LEED Gold® office tower in Seattle, that meets the highest environmental standards for light pollution reduction, energy efficiency and conservation.  
  1. Led the design, development, and coordination for custom luminaires and lighting features at various scales on multiple projects.  
  1. Co-Founder Kyle McGahan became a licensed and registered architect in New York, which supports how Lux Collaborative continues to build its practice in the years to come.  

In the year ahead, Lux Collaborative remains committed to the following:  

Collaborative Culture: Their leadership team is proud to foster a positive and supportive studio environment that champions curiosity and research, and cultivates individual growth that mutually benefits their team and project partners.   

Advanced Practice: Contribute to the discourse and effect change on issues of Dark Ecology, Light and Human Health, Material Transparency, Net-Zero Design, and Sustainable Procurement.  

Strategic Partnerships: Nurture relationships within the vibrant design communities of New York, Boston, Miami, Seattle, and beyond to inspire and support local and international partners and projects.  

“Inherently, we believe that lighting design is about understanding how we see each other and the world around us,” said Kyle McGahan. “Moving into the future, we are more ambitious than we’ve ever been, and we are prepared to inquire, engage, and build consensus to achieve the very best for our clients and projects,” adds Andres Gonzalez-Bode. 

With its unwavering dedication to design excellence, passion for innovation, communication, and collaborative approach, Lux Collaborative looks forward to another successful year. To join with them in designing for the human experience and transforming environments with light, connect with Lux Collaborative today.  

About Lux Collaborative 

Lux Collaborative is an independent architectural lighting design studio that was founded on the belief that research, communication, and a collaborative working process form the foundation for design excellence. Their interdisciplinary team represents over 40 years of experience working together with local and international partners to design for, and illuminate, a better world that we all share.