Alva Lighting Launches CURT for Multi-Family Residential

by | Nov 14, 2023 | What's New

Curt defines a whole new category for the designer doing Multi-Family housing. 

Mounting a light fixture next to the door is the latest trend in Multi Family design.

We offer numerous products which provide light, unit number and braille. All our products provide an intimate feel for the resident, making it clear they have arrived home. Guests can quickly find their door, and residents enjoy an upgraded entry.

Curt is our new premium product.

The numbers are magically backlit while there is a perimeter graze. Clearly this is the product for those that want more than just a light fixture and unit numbers

Nothing is easier to read than illuminated backlit numbers.

Curt makes it insanely easy to find any unit in any building.  The light around the perimeter grazing the wall creates a floating feel.  Now the light fixture creates magic, not just light.

Curt comes in a myriad of font styles and multiple finishes.  

Custom cutouts are readily available. Simply tell us what you wish to see.

Curt offers LumenSelect®.  

This means one can determine how much light is needed.  You may want a soft glow of light around the edge of the light fixture.  While some may want the fixture to pump out a great deal of light.  LumenSelect® provides the designer 3 output setting.  Select the one which works on your project.

Curt will make the entry to any apartment exciting.  It is a product that gives the developer the edge they’re looking for.  Anything but ordinary, Curt is designed for those wishing for more than just light and numbers.