HOK Unveils Specialized Offerings with New Pediatric and Behavioral Health Design Centers

by | Jan 19, 2024 | News

In a strategic move to enhance tailored design solutions for young patients and individuals facing mental illness, addiction, and trauma, HOK has established two Centers of Expertise. These centers, specializing in Pediatrics and Behavioral Health, will function as integral extensions of HOK’s expanding Healthcare practice. They will offer firmwide resources, guiding HOK studios in crafting design solutions informed by the latest research and trends in pediatric and behavioral health treatment and care.

The Behavioral Health Center of Expertise will collaborate with HOK’s Justice practice and will be led by Behavioral Health Practice Leaders Shiva Mendez, Virginia Pankey, and Kristen Markos. Given the prevalence of mental illness and addiction affecting a significant portion of the population, including up to 60% of incarcerated individuals, the collaboration aims to create spaces in healthcare and justice facilities that foster support for behavioral health.

The Pediatrics Center of Expertise will be spearheaded by Pediatrics Practice Leader Karen Freeman and Healthcare Regional Leader Laura Poltronieri. This initiative will extend HOK’s collaboration with renowned pediatric health providers such as Stanford Children’s Health, Nationwide Children’s Hospital, and Ochsner Children’s Hospital.

Amine Khemakhem, firmwide director of Healthcare, expressed gratitude for the diverse expertise leading these Centers of Expertise, stating, “These design specialties acknowledge the unique healthcare needs of pediatric and behavioral health patients. They will ensure HOK continues to offer clients a comprehensive approach to designing optimal healing environments for specialized care.”

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