New NeoRay Define Pivot Hub Unlocks Endless Creative Flexibility

by | Feb 13, 2024 | News

Cooper Lighting Solutions makes impressive creative strides in the specification-grade linear lighting market for commercial lighting with its industry-leading brand NeoRay Define.  

The NeoRay Define Series has expanded to include the Define Pivot Hub, which features these capabilities:

  • Enables lighting designers and consultants to unlock creative freedom with flexibility at any custom angle to enhance their designs.
  • Allows for creative layouts with up to 5 branches creating unique shapes, articulated configurations, and patterns.
  • Suspension from the ceiling by a single cable and line voltage power drop that powers the fixtures that connect back to the hub, leaving a clean ceiling.
  • Beautiful aesthetics in endless design possibilities, including multiple color finishes and combinations.
  • Simple installation to safely mount, load, and adjust before locking into position, rather than installing on the ground and lifting.
  • Three aperture size options with full Define series performance, capabilities, and integrated controls.

NeoRay illuminates its artistic edge with its latest promotional video for the architectural linear product line, ushering in a new era of design creativity and aesthetic excellence. The video features an aerialist suspended in a Lyra, illuminated with the sharp, clean lines of the Define Pivot Hub radial pattern.

Just as the aerialist gracefully performs while suspended from the Define Pivot Hub radial pattern, she represents the strength and beauty of the pivot hub. Neo-Ray Define lends pivotal creative freedom to enhance the look and feel of a space, providing clean, uniform lines of illumination with a simple and minimalist design.

NeoRay Define Pivot Hub provides lighting designers and architects with a high level of flexibility in the implementation of complex patterns and shapes.

High-resolution photography and additional resources may be found at the NeoRay landing page on the Cooper Lighting Solutions website here. To view the full video, visit Cooper Lighting Solutions on YouTube here.