MDW Launches with Paola Navone, Snohetta, & More at Lodes’ Milan Showroom

by | Apr 3, 2024 | News

Oblò is a new suspension lamp from Lodes, designed in collaboration with Paola Navone – OTTO Studio, to evoke the sensations of the sea. It demonstrates an innovative use of Pyrex in lighting. Each piece in the collection features a glass diffuser, which has a soft rounded shape, echoing portholes that dot the hulls of ships. The pendants are supported by knotted cables containing a hidden LED light source, giving them a floating appearance, as if they are suspended in the water like buoys. Because of the concealed light source, the glass pendants are uninterrupted, giving the effect of looking through a porthole onto an endless seascape. The pendant is available in three shapes and five finishes, 3 of which are transparent to conjure the quality of seawater. While a single lamp offers a playful point of light, Oblò can be displayed in clusters for unlimited installations.

Random Stick 100 and 150, design by Chia–Ying Lee

Random Stick is an extension of the Random collection designed by Chia–Ying Lee. A horizontal pendant lamp adds to the family of spherical pendants, which here, find their place on a hexagonal bar, reminiscent of fragile soap bubbles. The result is a highly decorative lighting solution, ideal for illuminating long, narrow surfaces such dining tables or bar counters, at home or in commercial settings, including hospitality and retail. Random Stick is available in two styles, a 100 cm cluster with 4 spheres and 2 LEDs in the lower part of the bar – 1500 lumens, and a 150 cm cluster with 6 spheres and 3 LEDs in the lower part of the bar – 2250 lumens. The spheres come in seven finishes that are easy to combine on Random Stick’s statement bars, which come in polished gold, polished black, and white.

Volum floor lamp, design by Snøhetta

Volum celebrates the elegance of simplicity with a series of lamps that, in their similar yet intimately different shapes, complement each other in poetic compositions. Behind its apparent simplicity, Volum conceals complex technical innovation, paying homage to the ancient glassblowing technique that produces perfectly imperfect shapes. Lodes continues its collaboration with Snøhetta Studio, building on the current collection of a pendant lamp and the table, wall and ceiling extensions with a a floor lamp, available in two frame heights and two glass sizes. The Volum floor lamp is available in four new combinations that, alone or in composition, offer new lighting solutions.

Tidal: 45, 75 and 60, design by Needs Studio

Tidal, the ceiling lamp created in collaboration with Needs Studio, will now be available in two new sizes, 45 and 75 cm, opening the possibility of new composition capabilities. The fluid, oval shape of the lamp captures the essence of the movement of celestial bodies, waves and tides with a simple yet striking design. One side of the ceiling lamp is wider than the other, meaning the lamp appears to shift dramatically in perspective depending on its relation to the view. Tidal projects light downwards and upwards simultaneously, and its intensity can be adjusted via a dimmer controlled by the wall switch.