Kawarau Gibbston: New Zealand’s Ninth International Dark Sky Park

by | May 10, 2024 | News

Kawarau Gibbston has been named an International Dark Sky Park, the ninth in New Zealand. Nestled within the Queenstown-Lakes District, this park provides a remarkable setting for stargazing, showcasing the Milky Way and the Aurora Australis. Led by the Gibbston Community Association, the certification underscores the region’s dedication to preserving its pristine night skies while promoting sustainable tourism opportunities.

This achievement not only highlights the area’s commitment to environmental stewardship but also opens up new avenues for economic diversification through astro-tourism. With public events and celebrations planned within the park, such as Matariki festivities, the region aims to strengthen its cultural ties while further extending dark sky protections to neighboring communities. The creation of the Kawarau Gibbston Dark Sky Park marks a significant milestone, signaling a bright future for sustainable development and celestial exploration in the Queenstown-Lakes region.

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