IALD Southeastern Chapter has Strong Kickoff Meeting

by | Jun 3, 2024 | News

IALD Southeastern Chapter Kicks Off with a Strong Start

Three Main Goals to Drive Success of IALD Southeastern Chapter

On Friday, 31 MAY, the IALD had a virtual kickoff meeting to launch a Southeastern chapter.  About 45 people attended and most stayed on the call for the full hour.  Almost all were lighting designers with a few manufactures and media in the mix as well.

The coordinators for the Southeastern chapter are Carrie Walker, Kate Sanoke, and Jeff Brown. They are reachable at southeastus@iald.me

Carrie showed a map of participants which included designers from FL, MS, GA, SC, NC, and TN.

The conversation centered around various ideas and strategies for launching the chapter and ensuring its success. The chapter has 3 main goals:

  • Expand the network of lighting designers working in the Southeast.
  • Learn, encourage and support one another.
  • Enhance visibility to the larger lighting design community.

A primary focus is to create a robust communication platform utilizing the IALD website community tools to facilitate discussions, share updates, and celebrate achievements. The platform will serve as a hub for members to connect, exchange ideas, and stay informed about upcoming events.

There was also discussion about the need for regional events. Suggestions included hosting both virtual and in-person gatherings, such as roundtable discussions, panel talks, and CEU courses. Members from different states can organize local meetups to foster stronger regional connections.

Additionally, the chapter aims to collaborate with other organizations such as IES, WILD and AIA to enhance educational offerings and broaden the chapter’s reach. Attending industry conferences and trade shows, such as the upcoming IES Street & Area conference in Atlanta was also mentioned.

Celebrating member achievements is another key objective. Recognizing promotions, certifications, and milestones through social media posts and newsletters will help build a sense of community and pride among members.

The IALD Southeastern chapter had a strong kick-off meeting.  For more information please contact leadership at southeastus@iald.me or visit IALD.