Lighting Designer for Summer Play Festival

by | Jul 8, 2024 | job listings

Lighting Designer for Summer Play Festival

Position Overview

Blank Page Theatre Company in New York City is seeking a lighting designer for its annual summer short play festival, scheduled for August 9-11. The festival will feature three short original plays, each with a 20-30 minute runtime, revolving around the theme of artificial intelligence (AI). These works will explore both dramatic and comedic aspects of AI.

Role Requirements

The lighting designer will play a crucial role in creating the visual atmosphere of each play, collaborating closely with directors and playwrights to enhance the storytelling. Key responsibilities include attending tech rehearsals from August 6-8 and participating in at least two design meetings with the directors to align on the creative vision. The position offers a flat rate of $200 for the project.

Application Process

Candidates interested in the lighting designer role should submit their portfolios and resumes via email by Friday, July 12. The engagement will run from July 14 to August 11, 2024.

About Blank Page Theatre Company

Blank Page Theatre Co. is dedicated to raising questions about contemporary social issues to spark meaningful conversations. Each year, the company selects a theme reflective of the current social climate, with the 2024 theme focusing on AI. Previous themes have included government reversal and mental health. More information about the company and its mission can be found on their website.


The role offers a stipend of $200 per gig. 

Contact Information

To apply, please email your portfolio and resume by July 12.