Precise Accent Lighting for Rooms over 8m High: Eclipse Spotlights, Size L and XL

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Lüdenscheid, March 2021. One system, 28,000 possibilities. The Eclipse spotlight system from ERCO sets standards in terms of the quality of its light. The two L and XL models now significantly expand the scope for illuminating art and architecture. The Eclipse range, in the form of the two additional sizes, is now supplemented by high lumen-output tools for illumination from large distances. Eclipse L is perfect for the impressive staging and display of exhibitions in room heights of 4m and more. From a ceiling height of 8m, for example in halls and atria, the XL version provides suitable illuminance levels. With availability now in five sizes, Eclipse opens up a multitude of unprecedented design options for implementing individual lighting concepts in any dimension.

Eclipse sets new standards in lighting technology. The spotlights, floodlights and wallwashers in the range impress with innovative technical details and an unparalleled system scope consisting of various optics, light colours, connectivity options and accessories. This high-end lighting tool is the ideal choice, especially for sophisticated and demanding lighting tasks in museums, art galleries and exclusive retail projects.

Five sizes for applications of any scale

A precious piece of jewellery in a display case or a large wall-mounted artwork in a 5m-high exhibition space – with museum lighting the key lies in adapting the light to the specific object in the best possible way. Lighting tools that can easily cope with large distances are also the ideal solution in atria and imposing parliament buildings. With sizes ranging from XS to XL, Eclipse features an enormous range of lumen packages for applications of any scale. The most compact lighting tools with a diameter of only 32mm fully exploit the miniaturisation potential of modern LED technology. The largest luminaires – L with a diameter of 130mm and 861lm to 4312lm, and XL with a diameter of 145mm and 1148lm to 6468lm – feature high luminous efficacy for precise illumination from large heights, or for the illumination of large objects.

ERCO lighting technology: precision and visual comfort

All five Eclipse sizes feature a cylindrical cast aluminium luminaire body and offer consistency across all applications in terms of quality of light, precision and design. As with their more compact Eclipse spotlights, interchangeable lenses are also available with L and XL. In the L version, the optics form the light distribution from only one light point using special darklight lenses. Due to the clear lenses, the beam path is virtually invisible and the light emission is free of spill light. With Eclipse XL, ERCO relies on self-developed Spherolit lenses which also project light with high precision from ceiling heights of 8m upwards.

 Finely matched LED spectra, tunable white and RGBW now also for high rooms

The perception of art is influenced significantly by light. Planners and curators are faced with the task of giving rooms an atmospheric character via light, and also displaying works of art as faithfully as possible. This is a challenge that they can master with Eclipse. Size L in particular opens up new possibilities for illumination in museums and galleries with high exhibition rooms – such as displaying in nuances with tunable white as well as colour-based lighting designs using RGBW technology. Size XL supplements the portfolio with a range of functions tailored to architectural lighting from large heights.

For all five sizes, ERCO offers six different LED spectra ranging from 2700K to 4000K and colour rendering indices from CRI 82 to CRI 97. A range that already meets a diverse breadth of requirements in practice. For fine tuning, the four conversion filters Cold Filter, Cold Filter Plus, Warm Filter and Warm Filter Plus generate 24 additional colour nuances from these six LED spectra. The Blue Light Filter absorbs blue components in the spectrum and thus reduces the damage factor to an absolute minimum for especially sensitive exhibits or high illuminance levels.

Interchangeable light distributions for accentuation to wallwashing

Eclipse was specifically developed for the special requirements of museums and galleries. The sizes L and XL also follow this principle. From new exhibition concepts with large exhibits to last-minute changes before an opening: in their daily activities, curators need to respond flexibly to redesigns and therefore need lighting tools that give them free reign when adjusting the lighting. This is where Eclipse comes in. Up to and including size L, eleven characteristics are available. High-precision darklight lenses form the rotationally symmetric light distributions ranging from narrow spot (5°) to extra wide flood (80°). This is supplemented by two axially symmetric light distributions consisting of oval flood (18° x 65°) and oval wide flood (55° x 85°), the wallwash asymmetric light distribution for uniform vertical illumination, the contour spotlight with framing attachment for crisp-edged projections (40°) onto surfaces and the two compact zoom optics of zoom spot (17° – 67°) and zoom oval (25° x 65° to 62° x 68°).

The modular design of the spotlight system forms its flexible character. Optics in the form of lens units can be changed without tools and with one hand. The secure twist-and-lock interface between the luminaire body and lens unit is continued as an accessory connection. And this is where lighting designers have access to a comprehensive toolbox.

Individual fine tuning from light distribution to light colour

There has never been a luminaire that combines so many accessory features. The lens units can be combined with up to three accessories – and attaching the components is child’s play. The fact that only one hand is needed is a great advantage when installing at large heights, as the other hand remains free to hold on to the work platform or ladder. In addition to the conversion filters, sculpture lenses and soft focus lenses allow further fine tuning. For special presentation lighting applications, e.g. for high-contrast effects in very dark surroundings, professionals can implement additional anti-glare elements such as snoots, honeycomb baffles and special 8-fold barn doors.

Up to size L, Eclipse can be upgraded with the attachable Zoom spot and Zoom oval optics. This enables the beam angle to be easily and infinitely adjusted. The framing attachment is also fitted quickly if required. Art changes – light follows. According to this credo, Eclipse gives lighting designers and curators the flexibility to implement various lighting concepts with just a single lighting tool.

Diversity in terms of lighting control

Eclipse can be DALI-controlled in all sizes from XS to XL, and can also be individually switched and dimmed via Casambi Bluetooth or Zigbee 3.0. This allows users to intuitively control luminaires mounted at high heights with the Casambi app on their smartphone or tablet. Thanks to an add-on control unit, operators also have the option of integrating the spotlights into a lighting installation that uses a different wireless protocol. Eclipse can of course also be switched, and size L can also be dimmed “on-board” using a rotary control on the luminaire.

Light for large dimensions – with maximum flexibility and optimum quality. The essence of L and XL Eclipse spotlights. A future-oriented system that offers users enormous design flexibility. Or put another way: the art of perfectly illuminating art in imposingly-dimensioned rooms.

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