Eurofase Unveils Breathtaking New Décor Catalog

by | Mar 17, 2021 | News

TORONTO – Eurofase Lighting is proud and excited to unveil their newest designs featured in their Lúce Décor Lighting Catalog. Lúce – meaning “light” – is the compilation of all current Eurofase décor pieces, with the addition of 23 new stunning collections, and 4 welcomed additions to existing collections in a remarkable 600 page catalog. Now is the time to create extraordinary and magnificent spaces.

The Lúce Décor Lighting Catalog is curated with inspirational lifestyle photography, expertly showcasing the range and versatility of all their beautiful collections. Refined sophistication shines through with modern style candelabras, geometric shapes, natural elements, vintage inspiration with contemporary styling, blown glass and more, paired with a variety of on-trend matte black, natural brass, gold, silver, and chrome finishes.

Highlights include these design Patent Pending collections; the BARLETTA –  various sized anodized rods suspended vertically in black or gold, furnished with a clear seeded glass orb that perfectly sits within an anodized ring; the RICCA – glamorous individual high quality crystal prisms that encircle a chrome ring, creating a tapered form for each shade; and the GRADO – a modern industrial style with a silver or gold inner metallic lining, stamped to create a flawless pattern throughout and surrounded by a clear glass panel finished off with a rich black framework loops around to tie it all together.

Eurofase’s Lúce Décor Lighting Catalog is available online at Printed copies will be mailed to customers in the coming weeks.

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