minimum / MAXIMUM In-Grade or Fountain LED Shapes

by | Jun 2, 2021 | What's New

Designplan Lighting, Inc. is pleased to announce a partnership with LAM32 Lighting of Italy.

Minimum / MAXIMUM is a line of IP67-rated, driveover, in-grade and IP68-rated fountain LED luminaires that come in 6 different shapes – each in 5 sizes – that will let your imagination soar with possibilities.

Minimum / MAXIMUM is based on the Golden Section and Phi – a crucial idea in design, and therefore lighting design. The Golden Ratio is considered to represent proportions most pleasing to human visual sensation, but not exclusively limited to aesthetic beauty. From nature to timeless artworks, the Golden Ratio is present and manifested.

The 5 shapes are Cerchio (circle), Linea (linear), Quadrato (square), Rettangolo (rectangle), and Triangolo (which comes in 2 different triangle styles).

All shapes and sizes come in static white, tunable white and RGB versions with a pressure switch available upon request. All versions have diffuse optics using sandblasted or antislip glass and use a remote 24VDC constant voltage driver.


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