Surface Mounted LED Tiles – CUBOIDS, DECO, DUNE

by | Jun 2, 2021 | What's New

Designplan Lighting, Inc. offering LED tiles that you can configure into unique shapes and combinations

Designplan Lighting, Inc is now offering products by NUM Lighting of Israel to the North American market. NUM produces a variety of versatile, innovative, and modern luminaires such as the surface mounted tiles: CUBOID, DECO, and DUNE. These indoor LED panels can be wall or ceiling mounted and configured into unique shapes and combinations. All are ADA compliant.

The CUBOID tile has a mesmerizing view of geometric shapes and is designed to be flexible and easily assembled.

The DECO tile, when viewed from different angles, has edges that become emboldened or hidden, giving the tile an entrancing appearance. A magnetic back allows the light squares to be flexible in creating a unique and custom pattern.

The DUNE tile has soft curves which create an organic and dynamic look with the surface changing from different viewing angles. Dune Tiles are designed to be flexible for creative layouts and easily assembled.

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