Key Events to Celebrate the International Day of Light

by | May 16, 2022 | News

The International Day of Light (IDL) was established in 2018 by UNESCO to celebrate light and its role in science, culture, art, education, and sustainable development.

Katia Kolovea will host a live discussion with Jane Slade, founder of the Anatomy of Night & Starving for Darkness project.  Join the conversation as they aim to raise awareness of light pollution, the importance of darkness, and why we should all care!

TIME | 16:00 London | 11:00 New York | 18:00 Athens | 20:30 Mumbai | 23:00 Singapore
WHERE | The Lighting Police Instagram Account.

“When we say light pollution, it often doesn’t even create a reaction in people. Many people think it’s more of a nuisance and not life-threatening to living things. That’s the intuition but it just isn’t true. It has a major impact on wildlife, on all forms of wildlife.” – Jane Slade

International day of light: Illuminate 

Have you noticed the Bay Bridge lights at night? Strange arts installation in San Francisco? These are all works initiated by Illuminate ( The founder of the collective Ben Davis will present their work and ongoing projects to bring light everywhere – Fiat Lux!

Full details here  Contact: Antoine Wojdyla (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory). Location:  Berkeley, United States

International Week of Light

The Daylight Award 2022 Laureates announcement & celebration will be livestreamed from across the globe at 18:30 (CET). The event will be filled with perspectives, rewarding and inspirational talks, centered around 2022 Laureates.  Full details here.  Contact:  Location:  Copenhagen, Denmark

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IES:  Light for Life 

“Light for Life” is a global conversation about the impact of light on the lives of humans, plants, and animals. As hosts of this collaborative webinar series for the second year, the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) originally planned to facilitate webinars over the course of four days the week culminating in International Day of Light (16-May).  However, because of ROLAN and another conference with LUCI, IES postponed it until July 26-28th  The IES brings people together to learn from one another about the impact of light on lives all over the world.  Full details here.  Contact: Brienne Musselman (Illuminating Engineering Society)