Belgium’s Delta Light Group Makes Big Move in US Architectural Lighting by Acquiring Lambent Lighting

by | May 14, 2022 | News

Acquires  LF Illuminations, Delray, VLT, and SoftForm brands

On Saturday, designing lighting’s editor Randy Reid interviewed Loren Kessel, CEO of Delta Light Group North America, to discuss the sale of Lambent Lighting to Delta Light Group.

Randy:  Tell us why Stone Arch Capital sold the company?

Loren:  Delta Light was a great fit. We actually had a couple of NDA’s where we were considering companies to acquire and expand our North America business when we were approached by Delta Light. They have been actively looking to build out their North America presence and we were a perfect fit. The companies have been in discussions for eight months and the deal actually closed about two weeks ago.  Delta Light’s owners, Peter and Jan Ameloot,  have been to all of our locations to personally meet our associates and announce the new company. It was very important to them to properly present the company to our team prior to the rest of the industry.

Randy:  Delta is a global company; will they sell Lambent products?

Loren:  Yes, they will sell LF, Delray, VLT, and SoftForm—all of the brands that make up the new Delta Light North America, so it gives us the ability to market worldwide, as they have global facilities that can help with certifications and navigating local markets where we have no experience. And it gives us access to their luminaires in North America. Delta Light has great products, and we have strong relationships with the design community, we can help get their products on more specifications, as it gives us a more complete specification package.

Randy:  Will you use the Delta reps or keep your existing rep network?

Loren: Nothing will change immediately. We will review everything including facilities and representatives. I think we have 15 agents in common already, but we are in no hurry to make changes.   Right now, we are focused on training the Delta people on our brands and training our people on the Delta Lighting products.   You may have heard of the Delta’s Lighting bible.  It is a catalog of their products and applications, exceeding 800 pages.

Randy:  What is the goal of the merger?

Loren:  To establish Delta Light Group as the premier house of architectural lighting brands.

Watch the Delta Light Group video explaining the acquisition.

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